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Kitchen Sink Dramas

Before TV dramas were sponsored by detergent companies and gaining the name of ‘Soaps’, they were referred to as ‘kitchen sink dramas’.  Most of the action in any home seems to happen in and around the kitchen, which is the hub of every household and probably the most used room in the house.  Most of our mother’s generation would probably agree that the majority of family dramas happened around the kitchen sink and they would lay claim to the fact that they spent most of their time at their sinks!

Even the advent of the labour-saving dishwasher still has not released us from the kitchen sink and it is still an integral and very important part of any kitchen.

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How A New Tap Can Enhance Your Life

When I moved into my house nine years ago I inherited the worst kitchen tap ever - with an old-fashioned turn handle for both hot and cold – it dripped, got stuck, was difficult to turn off and on and was generally a real pain!  Probably because it was such a pain I realised just how often I would need to use it – I believe the average number of times a kitchen tap is used in a day is over thirty times – so 30 daily sessions of frustration – until I had it changed and in a small way it changed the quality of my life.

Now a few years on I can see how the world of taps has grown and expanded and there are now so many options available through our Beau-Port Kitchens website which hosts a Kitchen Tap Store. It is time for an upgrade in my kitchen and I am tempted by so many of the choices that Beau-Port now has available.

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I Dream About Pantries!

One of the things I loved the most about visiting my grandmother in her Irish farmhouse was the joy of exploring her walk-in pantry and the smell of fresh churned butter, home-made soda bread and looking at her jars of home preserves lined up neatly on unreachable gingham cloth lined shelves.  Ever since then I have longed for a pantry and have to admit to feeling a sense of envy when I recently interviewed one of Beau-Port’s clients who has one.  But not everyone has the space for a walk-in pantry or larder but Mark at Beau-Port has been telling me about the company’s plans to create the ultimate free-standing pantries that can be tailored to fit any space in any kitchen or utility room – all handmade and installed for you into your kitchen.  Plus these beautifully crafted pieces of fine English furniture can be taken with you when you move.

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When Form Follows Function

The Shaker style of furniture design may have originally landed in America in the late 18th century from its roots in England, but over the passing two centuries has found its way back across the Atlantic to its homeland, where it has been embraced by kitchen designers in particular with its clean and uncluttered lines that look fresh and contemporary, while still offering ‘warmth’ and character to the most important room in the house.

Handmade In-Frame Kitchen in Old White By Beau-Port Kitchens
A recent shaker style kitchen, designed and installed, by Beau-Port
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Traditional Or Contemporary?

There are many compromises that couples have to make when setting up home together, blending their different styles and tastes into the most important room in the house - the kitchen, is often the most problematic.  My niece and her partner are busy renovating their new home and their kitchen is the next big project.  I had assumed that they would both want to have a very contemporary kitchen but my niece favours a more traditional kitchen style, while her partner wants all out minimalist modern!  It is going to be their first big style compromise on the house renovation project.

So I have suggested that they come into the Beau-Port showrooms and ‘test drive’ some of our contemporary and traditional style kitchens.  It is great to have so many real life size kitchens in the showroom and in a setting that actually makes them feel as though they are within a home. They can sit in the various kitchens, relax and have a cup of coffee while Mark guides them through the various options that will satisfy both their style requirements.

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