Best Seat in the House

There is nothing more relaxing than chilling out with friends and family around the kitchen breakfast bar or central island. So many of our clients are keen to have either or both combined, with many of them listing this feature as their primary desire for their new kitchen. We often hear that clients want to be able to carry on entertaining their guests while completing the cooking, with some of them choosing to have an induction or gas hob centrally located on their island.

Our designers Mark and Jacob listen very carefully to what our clients want to achieve and how they want to use their new kitchens. They think and plan carefully, taking into consideration all of the obvious aspects, and then they go further and consider that very important requirement - comfort.

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Meet Our Designers

Design expertise is one of the most important skills to look for when you are seeking the perfect partnership with a kitchen and interiors design company, when planning any home improvement, especially in the kitchen area. With so many factors to consider - selection of the right furniture, layout, flow, appliances, lighting, flooring, worktops etc.

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Ten Great Ideas for your New Kitchen and Home

Beau-Port’s approach to kitchen design also encompasses all the additional elements, features, appliances, bespoke individual pieces of furniture and latest products that will enhance your lifestyle.

“Our kitchen designs are not just about getting the right design and installing our high-quality furniture,” commented Beau-Port designer Jacob Johnson.  “The finishing touches and features that we can design into the project, can also help to make the new space totally unique.  We can include additional design features and new products that really do enhance our client’s quality of life.”

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Rotpunkt's cutting edge contemporary style

Contemporary doesn’t have to mean cold and austere - on the contrary contemporary design can be warm and inviting, even if everything is white. If this surprises you then take a look at some of the beautiful kitchens that Mark Johnson and his partner in design and son, Jacob, have been designing for their Beau-Port Kitchens clients.

I visited one of Beau-Port’s projects recently, stepping into Jo Bowler’s new all white kitchen and media area to see how imaginative design, stylish lighting and shape all conspire to create one of the most welcoming kitchens I have ever seen. I sat down at Jo’s new circular breakfast bar and wanted to stay there all day. Complete with delicate beaded lighting that encompasses the central island, Jo says it adds enormous atmosphere to the large open plan space that she and her family have loved since the moment it was installed.

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The Circle of Style

We only have to look at the fashion pages and on-line fashion sites to see how styles come full circle again, and the clothes that some of us wore in the 80’s and 90’s, have again become key fashion statements of today.

The same is true of interior design.  Some of us may remember the TV campaign from a certain Swedish company a few years ago that prompted us all to ‘chuck out the chintz’. The return of colour and pattern back on the interiors ‘cat-walk’ (namely the interiors media), is clear to see in recent years.  The interiors writers are now saying that natural textures and patterns in textiles and homeware are the next big thing. Maybe not a return of chintz perhaps, but a more sophisticated way to bring floral and other images of nature back into the home.

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