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The Very Best of British Design


Even though we design and sell both German and British kitchens and interiors, we are still a patriotic bunch here at Beau-Port.  We love working with British craftsmen and we have formed close links with some of the very best in the business, who are all based in our green and pleasant land.  We are also very choosy about who we will work with and trust with our bespoke designs as we always want to be better than the competition!  Our Shaker style and traditional kitchens are not only handcrafted by our talented team of expert cabinet makers but are also installed by the very same craftsmen who have turned our designs into reality.

Just one example of our hand crafted, made in britain furniture. This kitchen features all hand crafted furniture with a wonderful bespoke range cooker canopy.
One of our most recently photographed projects, an absolutely stunning kitchen in a beautiful Art Deco Bed & Breakfast. This furniture is Rotpunkt, featuring the deep grained Bardolia door painted with a high gloss door on the floating tall units.

We all have a passion for what we do and enjoy the process of seeing a kitchen or interiors project evolve from first ideas — ours and crucially the client’s own ideas — into the final finished and perfect project.  We also get a huge buzz from the client feedback we get and can boast that it is always positive — so much so that many of our clients call us back to do further projects in their homes, usually starting with a kitchen then moving onto projects in the bedrooms, living areas, laundry and boot rooms and more recently with our media centre designs which sit well in open plan living/dining/kitchen areas or some clients prefer to have their own separate media rooms — these can be either bespoke British made designs or contemporary German furniture, handcrafted by Rotpunkt, a leading name in fitted high-end cutting edge modern furniture.

Our best of British also extends to the independent standalone pantries we have recently designed.  A great idea for those who want a bit of extra storage space in or close to their kitchens. As a separate piece of fine furniture they have the additional benefit of being able to go with you should you decide to move home.  We see these pieces of furniture as the heirlooms of the future, to be handed down from generation to generation.

We can also alter these and customize them for use in other areas of the home — as a bed linen store — the French would call them an armoire and the old-fashioned name for them in Britain used to be ‘linen press’.  A great place to store all the bed linen, towels, table cloths etc.

Another area we enjoy working in is the creation of bespoke individual pieces of furniture to go with a kitchen project, a specially designed dining table, or console table — all British designed and hand crafted to the client’s specifications.

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Growing Trend for Multi-Functional Spaces

The kitchen is no longer just a kitchen - it can also be a study, media room, games and entertainment space, as well as somewhere to cook, eat and entertain.  The growing trend for more multi-functional spaces, now goes beyond the desire for just the open plan living of an extended kitchen, dining area and family room combined.

The way that we now live is very different to even the way we lived just a few years ago.  The fast pace of developing technology - Wi-Fi, the development of more mobile independent devices and the way we choose to access and view our entertainment, have all contributed to the changes in how we use the space in our homes.

One of our projects incorporated a media centre into the kitchen design (see header image above), which also had a sitting area as well as a dining area.  Our client Jo Bowler commented on how this single, larger space and the various design features that Mark, our Beau-Port Head Designer, incorporated into the kitchen, have actually enhanced the quality of life for herself and her family,  bringing them closer together.  She reported that they now communicate and connect more because they all gather and spend most of their time in this new space.

Mrs Bowlers Rotpunkt High Gloss kitchen. Here you can see how two defined areas can be combined to produce a more social environment.

“Mark’s initial designs were amazing, he understood exactly what I wanted and it was great to see the 3D designs and his great attention to every detail.  He has created a kitchen that is the heart of the home and where everyone could relax and enjoy the space together.  It has really changed the way we live.  The family gathers around the central island and my children are spending more time with me and together, rather than in their respective bedrooms,” said Jo Bowler.

Another one of our clients, Christine Boot, just loves to linger in her kitchen with her husband after a long day at work and commented:  “At night we switch the main LED ceiling lights off and just have the lights over the breakfast bar and the concealed lighting under the counter and the ‘Floating’ shelves.  It creates a really cosy atmosphere and we often end up spending the whole evening in the kitchen just chatting and playing on our iPads.”

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The Value of Having the Best Project Management

Many years ago I employed a local builder to manage a number of projects on my home - the design and installation of a new kitchen, new bathroom and work on other areas of the property. The builder had been recommended by a friend and I felt confident about handing over the keys to my house to let him get on with the work while I went away on holidays. The day came when the builder arrived and as I was about to get into the taxi to take me off on a relaxing, chill out holiday he revealed that he had not checked the measurements of the kitchen and that a number of the units would not fit in place. This not only destroyed my confidence in him, but my holiday as well. Having confidence in the person who is managing your project and knowing that they are meticulous about every detail of the project - including checking measurements, is vital.  My experience with this particular builder was a hard and expensive lesson to learn. So I feel proud to hear the comments coming from our Beau-Port kitchens and interiors clients when they sing the praises of Mark and his team when it comes to hassle free, professional project management - and yes, clients do have the confidence to go off on their holidays knowing that they will come home to a perfect new kitchen or interiors project created by Beau-Port.

Wharf Select - A Beau-Port Kitchens design
“We felt so comfortable with Mark and confident in his expertise that we took ourselves off on holidays..." Christine Boot - Oakley, Hampshire.
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When buying appliances can give you breathtaking experiences.

One of the joys of having a new kitchen designed and fitted is using your new appliances for the very first time.  It is all a bit like driving away that new car, with its new smell and feel - knowing that no one else has used it before - you are the first.

It is the same with a new cooker or intelligent hob for the first time and cooking that first meal.

Beau-Port can add another joy to that first time experience - with up to £1000 of Experience Vouchers when customers purchase 5 selected Siemens built-in appliances with a studioLine induction hob, with the appliances incorporated into a Beau-Port designed and installed kitchen.

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The Power Of Colour

Tell a woman that you have bought a new car and the first thing she will ask is “What colour is it?” Colour is one of the most fundamentally important things to human life - in the world of nature it can signal danger or a source of food.

Imagine our lives without colour, everything in black and white and how that would affect us in many ways, especially spiritually and emotionally.  In the long-term a world without colour would affect our whole well-being and somehow life would not seem worth living.

As an interiors designer Mark Johnson, our Head Designer at Beau-Port, has worked with colour all of his professional life and understands the value of colour, how it can create mood, atmosphere, warmth and even attract light into a dull or shadowy space.  He has a detailed understanding of how light moves through a room and the effect it has at different times of the day.

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