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Wine cellars - The Spiral Wine Cellar

The designers at Beau-Port Kitchens worked closely with the Spiral Cellar Company when creating a kitchen which incorporated a wine cellar below the kitchen. The Spiral Cellar Company provide and install cellars with a difference. Their unique designs have been developed with over 30 years of experience and expertise to draw from. They install and craft exceptional wine cellars which indulge their customers passion for fine wine.

The Spiral Cellar is natural underground cellar. It can can be installed under any ground floor room and doesn't require an existing cellar or basement. A kitchen is the ideal area to install one. Built from engineered concrete, a Spiral Cellar can either be fitted cleanly into a finished room, or form part of a new house build, extension or refurbishment. The cellars are not classed as 'habitable', so in most instances, unless your house is a listed building, planning permission is not required.

The right conditions are vital when it comes to wine storage. All their Spiral Cellars have a natural passive ventilation system, which means that warm air is continuously replaced by cool air, much like a traditional cellar. The excellent thermal properties of the concrete shell enable it to absorb ground temperature, the natural insulation of the earth helps keep vibrations to an absolute minimum.


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