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Why Design Experience Counts

Investing in a new kitchen or interiors project is not something we do every day.  When we do decide to go ahead with the project we need to know that the company we are investing our hard-earned cash with, has all the experience required to do the very best job.

Head designer at Beau-Port, Mark Johnson, has over two decades of experience in creating flawless kitchen and interiors projects for a wide range of clients.

I've been working with the Beau-Port team for a few years now, visiting their clients to carry out independent interviews them about their Beau-Port experience.  Without exception all the clients have praised the design expertise and experience of Mark, who is passing on his knowledge and skills to his son Jacob.

Mark’s approach with clients is collaborative and all the BP clients I have spoken to have commented on his ability to really listen to what they want to achieve, accurately interpret their needs and then come up with even more creative and innovative solutions to plan into their kitchen or interiors project of their dreams.

Handmade Painted Shaker Kitchen with Cock Beading in Farrow & Ball Slaked Lime.
All kitchens have their quirks, one of the innovative ideas Mark came up with was to create a bespoke unit to fit in the "lost" space between the chimney breast and the wall. He made great use of all available space to incorporate storage cupboards, a compact appliance and its own tray drawer.

We see a lot of TV and paper media adverts for some of the larger players in the kitchens and interiors area, with many of these promoting the finished product but with very little said about the experience of their designers - the people who are in-store who are there to help you plan your kitchen for example.

I had recently visited one of the big shed DIY superstores and got talking to one of their kitchen ‘designers’ -  a  retired gentleman who had got bored with trying to fill his time with golf and trips to the pub and wanted something to keep him occupied and out from under his wife’s feet.  He was totally delightful, very helpful but on further enquiry I found that he had been given  just one week’s training on how to design a kitchen!

After over two decades of developing his design skills and expertise, Mark Johnson has encountered and solved every kind of design problem in a wide range of kitchens and interiors projects.  The Beau-Port  clients I have interviewed often use the word ‘confidence’ - stating that they felt confident in Mark’s design expertise.

If you are considering investing in a kitchens or interiors design project, it is always best to work with a company that listens to what you want to achieve and can create imaginative solutions based on years of experience and customer satisfaction.

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