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Stunning natural stone floors for your handmade or contemporary kitchen

No kitchen is complete without beautiful flooring. It's the perfect partner for traditional  handmade shaker style kitchen and state of the art modern designs. Here at Beau-Port Kitchens we can recommend the perfect finishing touch to your dream handmade kitchen, bathroom or contemporary modern German kitchen. 

Hard-wearing and beautiful, stone has been used as flooring for centuries. It is a versatile, practical option and unlike man made tiles every piece is different. Hence, it delivers a unique and highly desirable look to your home. Beau-Ports flooring partners have more than 12 beautiful stones to choose from, available in a variety of finishes including original, colonial and vintage. With so many colour tones, stones honed or polished will bounce light off the floor making it an ideal choice for even the most compact kitchens.

Natural limestone is a hard and durable choice, its soft, creamy colouring and mottled textures in greys, blues and green, mean limestone flooring is a popular choice throughout the home. Having naturally high thermal conductivity, it is an ideal choice to use with underfloor heating.

Travertine is a type of limestone, it's naturally marked with cavities, so it's filled to provide a smooth finish. A pre filled Travertine is often a cheaper option and, when laid well professionally and teamed with beautiful furniture, it looks expensive and classy.' 

Slate is typically dark in colour and can be used effectively to provide a more industrial vibe or give a modern twist to a traditional handmade solid wood kitchen. Varied colours within the slate blend perfectly with the soft warm tones of the wood.of tones  Many types of slate are particularly hard-wearing, making it a good choice for both inside and out. Perfect for kitchens that are designed to flow out onto a patio with bi-fold doors providing a seamless, open space.


Marble is undeniably one of nature's most beautiful stones and has been used, to create some of the most stunning surfaces. Being softer and more porous, marble it is suited to bathrooms and wet rooms, fireplaces, fireplace hearths, and flooring. Due to its distinctive veining, marble flooring is often book matched. Which entails meticulously carving identical stone slabs and mirroring them to create a seemingly endless pattern.


We recommend you Invest in good, professional installation and be well prepared. Stone flooring can be laid in most rooms. However, it is essential that the floor is prepared properly first and is completely even. It must be laid on a solid base of a good depth, the tiles can then be fixed using flexible adhesive as any movement could crack or damage them. Due to the weight of a stone floor some floors may need to be reinforced first. A professionally laid stone floor can increase the value and saleability of your property. Team with underfloor heating, it retains its heat offering warmth in the winter, turn off in the summer for a cool Mediterranean feel. Being a totally natural product, it also has a low carbon footprint.


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