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Storage solutions - Making the most of your kitchen cupboards

You want to increase space and storage but you're not sure how to go about it. Do you choose a dresser, wall mounted cupboards or greater work surface area? Why not combine all three? Handmade painted kitchen cupboards are ideal when it comes to designing the perfect cupboard for your needs. However contemporary German kitchen furniture can also be adapted to your requirements.

Counter top mounted cupboards maximise storage, the forms the base of the cupboard providing additional workspace when needed. A bank of setback counter top units can be used to convert base line furniture into a dresser, for added impact place a counter top cupboard on either end with shelves in between. Or use glass door insets for a less solid look, adding concealed lighting will create a beautiful, eye-catching display cabinet.

Pull out counter top storage make the most of the space around the hob and creates a traditional chimney look

Use a counter cupboard to conceal the boiler and all the associated pipework to give your handmade kitchen a tidy streamlined look, while ensuring the boiler is still easily accessible. 

Counter top pantry cupboard creates balance with American style fridge freezer housing and compliments the handmade kitchen dresser display cabinet.

Mark also used the colour on the counter top larder, which not only looks amazing but is one of my other favourite features of the kitchen and no other kitchen design company could give me a design like that. It is amazingly practical, in the perfect position in the kitchen and looks stunning," continued Liz Patel

Counter top cupboards are perfect for larder style cupboards, set back with half depth shelving and bi fold doors means everything is easily accessible, providing maximum storage and a small work surface area.  Bi fold cupboard doors are especially effective for wide cupboards, with no doors protruding in to the room they save space and help to create an easy flow when moving around the kitchen. A useful design solution in both large and small kitchens.

Alternatively, use a counter-top cupboard to create a hide away your tea and coffee making area, creating the clutter free look seen in glossy magazines.Continuing the work top below the cupboard provides an ideal storage solution for stand mixers, microwave or other kitchen equip that is not in use or you do not want on display.

A roller shutter door is a good space saver which adds interest and variety. Alternatively use two slim counter top cupboards to frame a chimney or traditional extractor hood and create a focal point. Ensure they are planned and designed to allow space for pan handles and easy access around the hob area.

Maximising storage with stunning handmade painted ceiling to counter top kitchen cupboards.


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