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Sort, Crush and Store!

Across the world there is a growing need to reduce landfill by recycling plastics, metals, paper and glass.  If you are looking for the neatest way to sort out all your recycling and rubbish, then having it all discreetly tucked away in a drawer close to the kitchen preparation area is a good location.  But it is not only about where you site your waste units but also how good they are in terms of capacity, storage and ease of use.  No one wants to have to take the rubbish out to the wheelie bin too frequently.

So as a solutions led company, Beau-Port Kitchens did some in-depth research on the best ways to deal with this sometimes sticky problem.  After looking at all the products on the market we found the appropriately named Krushr, an eco-product that is top ranked by the London Evening Standard and that delivers super quiet optimised crushing forces for recycling with a volume of 70 litres equivalent to 235 litres of un-crushed recycling.  The average kitchen waste bin is usually around 30 - 45 litres - so you can begin to see the benefits.

This British made product, with its quiet operation also has a separate can crush drawer for compaction of up to 60 tins and cans.  So as you can imagine, the trips outside to the wheelie bin are far less frequent if you have one of these extraordinary waste solutions built into your new kitchen.

The Krushr can be easily integrated into any kitchen, even using existing door cabinetry, or with your chosen new kitchen cabinetry no matter what style it is, for a seamless fit.  A stainless steel door is also another option. The unit has simple press button operation and key lock safety feature which prevents the crush operation whilst the drawer is open.  Glass for recycling has its own separate drawer within the Krushr.

As the largest domestic recycling compactor on the market, the eco-friendly Krushr is space and time-saving as well as neat and discreet!


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