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Siemens style meets technology for the perfect cooktop experience

A Siemens induction hob makes a real statement in your kitchen. Not only stylish, practical and multifunctional they offer lots of choice in terms of size and layout. Perfect for even the smallest kitchen. Induction hobs put control at your fingertips, venting hobs take away the need for separate often unsightly extraction, Domino hobs combine style with show cooking such as Flash Frying and Teppan Yaki cooking. The Domino hob provides the ultimate cooking experience by combing gas and electricity in one stove top.Gas hobs have Siemens unique StepFlame Technology: a ground-breaking innovation to precisely control the flame. For delicious meals and delighted guests.

Siemens' cutting-edge temperature regulation systems, CookingSensor Plus and FryingSensor Plus ensure food is cooked perfectly every time and is available in a variety of the Siemens induction hobs. Another innovation by Siemens is their FreeInduction technology which allows you to place up to four pots and pans anywhere on the hob and the heat will be delivered exactly where it's needed. 

Induction Hobs

Instantly hot, instantly cold, a Siemens Induction Hob means you can prepare your favourite dishes quickly and easily. The PowerInduction, electromagnetism generates instant heat where you need it, when you need it and vanishes just as quickly when you switch the appliance off. Touch sensitive controls allow you to change the heat in an instant. Should something occidentally boil over or spill, it won't burn on the glass or ceramic top because the surface stay relatively cool with the heat captured it the pots and pans. Available in sizes between 60 and 90cmc Siemens' Induction Hobs offer a flexible design solution.

 Domino Hobs

Love cooking on gas and electricity? no problem, choose the Siemens Domino Hob which combines both providing the ultimate cooking experience. Available in 30cm and 40cm widths you can choose a Domino induction hob and Teppan Yaki set into the counter top. Connecting strips cover the spaces between the cooking zones to make a stylish design statement. Complete the cooking experience by installing the gas burner on a cooking island – perfect for wok and flash-frying. Domino gas hobs are also attractive options for offices and small kitchens due to their compact design.

Gas Hobs

Siemens gas hobs area available in a variety of sizes, burner combinations and designs from 5 burner 90cms units to a single Domino, dual flame, wok burner at just 30coms, providing design and cooking solutions for every kitchen. Stepflame technology provides temperature control in 9 steps ensuring accurate precise cooking. Choose between a beautiful stainless steel or Black ceramic glass top. Comfortable easy to use control dials are mounted to the front or side of the hob depending on the cooker top design.

 Venting Hobs

The venting hobs developed by Siemens provide an all in one solution. Perfect for Islands cooking these hobs are timelessly elegant. The concealed extractor and ventilation units use the latest technology to provide seamless cooking and extraction. Flexible cooking zones means even the larger pans are easily accommodated and food cooks with an evenly distributed and controlled temperature. The hobs are smart, unobtrusive and highly efficient, due to their stylish design, low noise and powerful suction, an ideal solution to island cooking when entertaining. A choice of models is available providing extraction in the centre, to the side or at the back of the cook top. 

 Teppan Yaki Cooktop

Designed for Japanese cooking at home The Siemens Teppan Yaki cooktop is bound to be a talking point and a great addition to the kitchen cook zone. The 40 cm wide Teppan Yaki is ideal for combining with other Domino or faceted design cooktops to create a bespoke cooking area. Touchslider control allows you to manage the temperature precisely and accurately. The Teppan Yaki cook top can be tastefully integrated into the Domino unit when not in use, thanks to the high-quality glass ceramic cover.


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