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Planning a new kitchen in Hampshire or Surrey

If planning a new kitchen in Surrey includes obtaining planning permission its important that you know and understand the rules. An architect, surveyor or building control specialist could help you through the maze of red tape and regulations, but it can be costly. Having a basic understanding may save you time and money that could be invested in your new dream kitchen or home. Surrey and Hampshire have a number of boroughs and districts so ensure you connect with the right one. This is also a good time to engage with your kitchen designer. The designers at Beau-Port Kitchens are happy to work with your architect or builder alternatively if you are not using other professionals they can offer complete project management. Their service is totally bespoke to your needs, from design to installation. With over 20 years of experience, they have a wealth of ideas and love the challenges a new build kitchen or extension creates.

​Our top 5 tips for dealing with planning departments when extending, building a new house or kitchen are: 

1. Get to know your policies at both a local and national level. In Surrey the best place to start to find these are on your local authority website, as there is a number of boroughs in the county its important that you approach the right one. We also suggest looking for a Building Control section or search by services offered. Check through previous planning applications to see how the local policies are applied. What do they approve as an appropriate development and do they emphasise parking, sustainability, neighbourhood amenities or house size in the decisions? This is especially relevant for new homes, home of multiple occupancy and guest houses etc.

2. Speak the planners language, use their jargon and be quite specific. Don't just suggest its a large extension but state sizes, and descriptions such as quality design and materials used will help to build an accurate picture.

3.Spotlight on the location. - Make sure you use the right maps. Local planning offices have maps you download.

4.Help to speed up the process. Permission is usually granted about 8 weeks after the planning department have looked at the application not 8 weeks from the date of submission. Make sure you label all your documents clearly with detailed information e.g. Kitchen extension rear elevation not drawing 5. This will help the planners when dealing with your application and means they don'[t have to keep reopening files, saving and re naming them, so it will save time.

5. Talk to everyone, neighbours, planners and even town councillors when. Find out what's been done before, what might be approved or allowed under local schemes. Introduce yourself and be honest about your intentions. This could save time down the line and help with potential objections and refusals

Top 5 tips for planning a new kitchen

1.Connect with your kitchen designer at the start of the process - our experience is that the earlier you engage one of our designers the better the outcome and more cost efficient the process is. There is nothing worse than relocating services or making changes to the plans after they have been approved. The designers at Beau-Port Kitchens have experience of working with our customers architects, surveyors and builder and building control.

2. Create a wish list of essential items,things that would be nice to have and those that you could be prepared to  compromise on, visit for ideas and to see real kitchens that have been installed in customers homes rather than just showroom display photographs.

3. Take outline plans, photographs and wish lists with you when you meet with your chosen designer.

4. Think about how you intend to use your new kitchens, food prep, cooking and possibly entertaining zones, lighting and movement within the space. The designers at Beau-Port kitchens will take time to listen to you and develop your ideas rather than pressuring you to buy into their idea. They may suggest innovative solutions but with no obligation to adopt them and no hard sell often seen in larger companies.

5. Put together a realistic schedule with any tradespeople you are using for a seamless installation process. Alternatively Beau-Port Kitchens can be engaged to provide full project management. from initial designs to 3D drawings and renders, surveys, building works, electrics, flooring, decorating and worktops and installation.  All of Beau-Port Kitchens furniture arrives as rigid bespoke pieces. There are no facilities for storage, the furniture arrives on site ready for installation, therefore it is essential that all the pre work has been completed.


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