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New AGA special offers in Hampshire

AGA Dual control - Image courtesy of AGA Living

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  • Buy a new AGA and save money with the great summer AGA offers available from the 26th May 2019 until Sunday July 13th 2019. Installation must be completed before Friday 25th October 2019
  • Beau-Port Kitchens in Hampshire are a recognised AGA Dealer. Visit them today to discuss your new kitchen or AGA needs
  • offer includes: AGA 60, AGA 3 Series (90 and 100cm), Total Control, Dual Control, Traditional 2, 3 and 4-oven, oil, gas and electric models and Integrated Modules.
  • Minimum deposit £500 with balance due 14 working days prior to the installation date but no later than 8th October.
  • Option to pay monthly using Finance.

In today's modern world we demand so much more from our home and kitchen appliances. AGA have responded to this challenge by developing a whole new generations of AGAs including the AGA Dual Control model with independently operated hotplates it offer an even greater level of fuel efficiency and energy consumption than ever seen before. To see a fully working AGA visit Beau-Port Kitchens showroom in Bentworth, near Alton in Hampshire.

 AGA DUAL CONTROL offers freedom and flexibility

The AGA Dual Control is everything you love about the AGA cooker, but with added flexibility and much reduced running and servicing costs. The AGA Dual Control - just like the traditional model - has cast-iron ovens that are always available for use, creating that indefinable AGA warmth, However, with an AGA Dual Control the ovens feature a new low heat setting and can also be switched off completely.

As with all previous heat-storage AGA cookers, the cast-iron ovens are indirectly heated from a single small heat source, the heat being conducted across to each oven in exactly the correct proportions to provide the different cooking temperatures for roasting, baking and simmering. This provides kind-to-food radiant heat which locks in moisture and goodness. All three ovens have a new feature of a low heat setting, reducing the oven temperatures. This in turn gives a reduced heat output into the room and, naturally, a reduction in running costs. From this new low heat setting it is possible to reach full oven cooking heat in around two to four hours. Available in 3 or 5 oven models each oven has its own job to do. Easy to use, the AGA cook books give full and detailed instruction on how to cook the perfect roast, bake a divine cake or use the simmering oven as a slow cooker or to keep dishes warm and succulent. In short an AGA is perfect for family meals and entertaining. 

The Roasting oven - Roasts and grills beautifully and is big enough to fit a 13kg (28lbs) turkey. Radiant heat means food keeps its natural succulence and flavour.

The Simmering oven - Simmers perfectly by constantly maintaining the oven at just the right temperature for long, slow cooking. This develops flavours and will make even the toughest cut of meat melt-in-the-mouth tender.

The Baking oven - Heated to a consistant moderate baking temperature - ideal for cakes, biscuits and bread.

For all your new AGA and kitchen needs or to view the AGA Dual control model visit Beau-Port Kitchens in Bentworth, near Alton in Hampshire


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