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Moodboard Wisdom

When planning any major project for your home, take a leaf out of the interior designer's book of wisdom and create your own mood board.  This invaluable creative tool will help you to use gathered images of all the things you love and aspire to own, and would like to incorporate into your new kitchen or interiors project.

Collect images of new products, colour charts, etc. - from magazines, Pinterest, Houzz and any other source.  Take these cuttings and images and either use them to create your own mood board on-line on Pinterest for example or get a pin board or large piece of card and get sticking!  You will be able to see at a glance all the things you would like to include in your project.  Also see some of the Youtube ‘How to Create an Interior Design Mood Board in Minutes.”

This image of a utility and boot room that we designed and fitted is one of many Beau-Port images featured on Houzz.
This image of a utility and boot room that we designed and fitted is one of many Beau-Port images featured on Houzz.

Position the mood board, or your iPad with image pages, somewhere prominent or move it around from room to room as you move.  This helps you to understand what you could live with long-term. 

“We often see things that we like and then find that after living with that image for a while the product or colour is just not right for us,” said Beau-Port designer Jacob Johnson.  “Realising this before you start your project can save a lot of time and cost.”

Mood boards are a great way to open up discussions with your partner and anyone else you may need to share your future new space with - children, parents, friends.  They are also an invaluable tool when talking to your kitchen and interiors designer. 

“It is always so useful when clients show us a moodboard of furniture styles, colour samples, fabric swatches and images of the kind of appliances they want to include in their projects,” commented Mark Johnson, Beau-Port’s Design Director.  “It gives us a head start and an understanding of their taste and style preferences, which all help to move the project forward more efficiently.”

Mrs. Courtier's In Frame Shaker Kitchen in Farrow & Ball Green Blue & Wimborne White
Another Beau-Port project featured on Houzz

Mood boards help you to explore your colour choices and preferences, the type of kitchens and interiors furniture you would like to have, plus all of the additional items you may want to research such as worktop options, lighting, venting and features such as boiling taps and other appliances.

Mood boards are a practical and fun way to define the look and feel of your new project.  Take a look at our website and explore our many kitchens and interiors projects and case studies, to get ideas for your mood board.

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