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Minimalist Kitchen - Less is more with a BLANCO boiling tap

Beau-Port kitchens in Hampshire design, supply and install cutting edge contemporary kitchens and bespoke handmade painted kitchens in addition to the latest kitchen technology and labour saving appliances, meaning cooking has never been easier in a Beau-Port Kitchen. One such appliance is the very latest boiling tap. The BLANCO TAMPERA Hot combines the very best of German design and engineering to give you instant boiling water for all your kitchen needs. BLANCO are a world leading manufacturer, of award winning, designer taps and sinks of the highest quality.

Less is More

Whether you choose a state of the art contemporary kitchen design or a traditional, handmade, painted shaker style kitchen the new BLANCO TAMPERA Hot boiling tap will provide you with safe, clean boiling water in an instant. Just open up the hot valve when you want to pour fresh tea, brew some coffee, blanch vegetables or fill up your hot-water bottle. No more waiting for the kettle or pan to boil, with the smart BLANCO TAMPERA Hot 3-in-1 mixer tap. But what does 3 in 1 mean?. Quite simply filtered, cold, warm and instant boiling water are all available from a single mixer tap saving you both time and energy in the kitchen.  

Simple stylish and elegant the BLANCO TAMPERA Hot boiling tap works well in all kitchen styles. Classic curves of a traditional mixer tap combine with the minimalist no fuss designs of todays contemporary kitchen where less is more, clean lines and structures reign. Space saving with no need for a kettle to clutter up the work tops allowing you to reclaim valuable work top space for the pleasure of cooking and entertaining. But its not just on the work tops that you will save space, lets not forget the space under the sink. The BLANCO TAMPERA hot has been designed to be as compact as possible. In fact you could even fit the BLANCO Compact 60/2 waste separation bin system in the same cupboard space. Now that is useful.

Safe and easy to use

The mixer tap is controlled via a separate hot water rotary knob with a safety catch. After every use, the rotary knob springs straight back to the original position, ensuring maximum safety. The water in the boiler is heated to 105°C to ensure that bacteria and germs are thoroughly eliminated. The insulated spout and the concentrated, low-spray jet of water protect your hands from the hot water giving you peace of mind that the tap  is safe to use  and efficient. 

  • The hot knob has a child safety lock which must be pressed simultaneously when opening the valve to operate.
  • Child safety lock springs back into place when switched off cutting off the water instantly
  • An insulated spout ensure the outside does not get hot
  • The  100°C water is aerated and delivered in a controlled flow to reduce spray and protect the hands

Its all a matter of taste 

A five stages filtration process removes unwanted odours and tastes from mains water. Reducing chlorine and limescale, balancing PH levels and softening the water. All factors that all contribute to better tasting vegetables, pasta, rice and freshly brewed tea and coffee, which is often spoilt by conventionally boiled unfiltered water. The finest particles are removed in the fifth stage of the filtration process before the water goes to the 4 Litre, High Pressure, Titanium boiler tank. Unlike some boiling taps that have a copper or stainless steel boiler the Titanium boiler  is:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Taste neutral
  • Ultra Hygienic and very strong

The boiled water is maintained at​ a consistent 105°C in the super hygienic tank to ensure it is delivered as crystal clear, odourless and tasteless. Boiled, filtered, clean, instantly hot water every time. The Fool proof inbuilt flow metre has audible alerts to remind you that the filter needs to be changed, providing peace of mind and continuity for pure filtered water.

Engineering and efficiency comes as standard from BLANCO

Most if us waste water and energy every day. On average it takes 3 minuets to boil the kettle, we then often throw the excess water away when we put it on to boil again as previously boiled water has a tendency to taste a bit odd if its reboiled. Wasting both water and energy. Most people do this 5 or 6 times a day. This is another area where the BLANCO tap comes into its own. Use just the right amount of water when you want. Its also great for rinsing a plate or soaking dishes and pans, when you may need to run a conventional tap for some time before the water is hot enough for purpose.  Instantly hot, tasteless filtered water with no wastage. 


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