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Kitchen zones designed for living - food preparation and cleaning

The  design team at Beau-Port Kitchens combine years of experience with a solution orientated approach and creative, ideas when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen, regardless of whether they are producing a state of the art contemporary German kitchen, handmade painted shaker kitchen or a traditional kitchen with a modern twist. Their eye for detail means they explore every alternative when designing our customers dream kitchens and create zones with in the space uniquely tailored to the clients needs. Their innovative approach and design expertise means they never use a one size fits all solution.

Most kitchen designers generally and historically think of three zones and a working triangle when planning and designing a kitchen, food preparation, cooking and cleaning. However, with today's open plan living, modern technology and social spaces, a kitchen represent so much more than a place where you just prepare food. More zones need to be included, work independently of each other and flow together seamlessly. As the heart of the home the kitchen may include entertaining space, somewhere to eat, a workspace and a place to be entertained and used for family time. There may be multiple cooking stations and more than one area for refrigeration.

Excellent planning will ensure your kitchen zones work well, maximising space, facilitating ease of use and accessibility and identifying individual spaces which are fit for purpose with out compromising an aesthetically pleasing design.

Solo tap includes boiling function

 Food Preparation

The food preparation area needs ample work surfaces and is ideally placed  at the side of the sink for washing and preparing fresh items. A waste disposal unit is a valuable addition, fitted under the sink its perfect for dealing with peelings and off cuts if you don't want to save them for compost or collection. Clever insets at the side of the units can be used for chopping boards while a specially designed draw under the work tops is a great alternative to the clutter of a knife block. If possible, it should also be close to the rubbish collection area for easy recycling of packaging and disposal of waste. For a streamlined look everything is neatly hidden away behind flush cupboards and draws including the dishwashers and waste bins.


A cleaning zone on the other side of the sink can incorporate draining boards or specially cut out groves on moulded or granite work surfaces. Below which you can house the dishwasher and or washing machine. With the waste disposal and bins close by in the food prep area waste products and cleaning are dealt with in one easy space.

Alternatively, the cleaning and prep area can be housed in an island unit. Incorporating sinks sprays and a boiling tap gives you so much more than just hot water. Clean the sink with ease. With no need for a kettle, making hot drinks is effortless, your work surface is clutter free and bringing water to the boil for pasta, rice and vegetables is a thing of the past.

Zones can overlap in smaller kitchens, work space between the areas is the ideal way to overlap cooking, cleaning and prep areas in a long galley kitchen. Investing in hard wearing heat resistant surfaces will help guard against mishaps with hot pans when the zones are in the same proximity.

Twin sinks, flexible tap and separate boiling tap with a large work top area conceals the dishwasher below plus plenty of storage space including a roll front cupboard to hide away appliances when not in use


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