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Kitchen storage design - open shelving v’s closed cupboards

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It's all a matter of personal choice and whatever that might be Beau-Port Kitchens & Interiors in Hampshire have the expertise and experience to design your perfect kitchen. Established for over 20 years Beau-Port design, supply and install, traditional and contemporary handmade, painted, kitchens and cutting edge, state of the art, modern German kitchens.

When planning and designing your new kitchen storage you need to be honest with yourself.  Brasserie, bistro and industrial style kitchens are very much on trend. Hence, there is a growing demand for open style shelving to complement and complete the look. Open shelving will work well in both traditional and contemporary style kitchens. If you are neat, tidy and organised in the kitchen, this maybe the perfect design solution for you. However, if you like clean lines or have a tendency to be disorganised you may want to reconsider. The designers at Beau-Port Kitchens can help to guide you through the maze of storage options and designs available.

Classic meets contemporay design

Open shelves – Things to consider

  • What kitchen style are you trying to achieve? this will help you decide what type of shelving to use
  • Be prepared for more dusting and cleaning
    • Solid wood shelves are ideal for displaying and storing beautiful copper cookware and look great in traditional kitchens
    • Floating shelves are ideal for contemporary designs, 
  • Let there be light - Subtle, recessed, under shelf lighting can be used to change the ambience of the room or flood the work tops with light
  • Consider the height of the shelves and that of the people using the kitchen
  • Make the most of the space under the shelves with hanging utensil racks, kitchen roll dispensers, wall mounted knife blocks and open storage pots.
  • Go low- low level open shelves below work tops and kitchen islands are great for all those cookery books
  • Look up - A ceiling mounted floating batterie de cuisine, pan rack or stem hanging glass rack is a fabulous focal point above an island in a brasserie or bistro kitchen
  • Hang on in there- wall mounted hanging pan racks are perfect for traditional, bistro and industrial styles
  • Get the right balance by keeping shelves symmetrical for example open shelves either side of a galley kitchen work well
  • Bridge the gap - open shelves are great for filling in awkward small spaces and recesses
Walk in pantry

 Not quite really for full open shelves?

  • An open dresser with a deep counter in a traditional kitchen is a great place to display personal items and beautiful kitchen equipment such as stainless-steel toasters and mixers
  • Dress to impress - Glass fronted cabinets are great for displaying beautiful glass ware and crockery
  • Mix it up - With simple open shelves between two wall mounted cabinets
    • Add pops of colour for impact or subtle lighting or glass so the shelves appear to float.
  • For the best of both worlds create a walk-in pantry with open shelves.

Larder cupboard with spice rack

Out of sight out of mind. Are closed cupboards the perfect storage solution? Or do they encourage us to hoard and store thing we never use.

Closed cupboards 

  • Will maximise storage space
  • Present clean lines for a clutter free design in a both traditional and contemporary kitchens.
  • Easily accessible with many pull out shelving solutions on the market for both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs
  • Pull down shelving, Le Mans and carousel options are available for hard to reach items and make the most of corner cupboards and spaces
  • Multiple door opening options including up and over, bi fold and roll front shutters provide a seamless design with similar access to open shelves
  • Interior lighting can make everything within the cupboard clearly visible
  • Larder cupboards with narrow shelves and storage racks on the doors such as spice racks make the most of the whole cupboards
  • Roll front counter-top cupboards with power sockets within are perfect for creating a seamless area
    • Hide away electrical appliances such as: 


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