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Kitchen planning and design - hand drawings v's 3D CAD images

Beautiful handmade painted kitchen as shown in the 3D artists impression below.

At Beau-Port Kitchens in Hampshire we produce hand drawn and CAD designs when planning and creating dream kitchens, as we believe there are advantages to utilizing one or both of the systems. Regardless of which is used, they will provide stunning and realistic images of your beautiful new kitchen. 

‚ÄčEvery kitchen we design begins with initial sketches. By talking and listening to what the customer wants and needs from their new kitchen, our designers are able to start building a mental image of the room. Armed with dimension, plans and the clients wish list they can translate these mental images into rough sketches and first designs. From here more detailed technical drawings can be created. 

The designers at Beau-Port Kitchens have over 20 years experience in kitchen design which ensures they are able to produce accurate hand drawn technical drawings. These can then be reproduced by them into CAD images and renders or passed to an artist and recreated as beautiful hand drawn images similar to the one shown, which is representative of the final kitchen. Like a CAD image it gives a 3D perspective of the room. The initial hand drawn images provide a birds eye view of the kitchen design and includes all of the planning details, sizes and service specifications. Both hand drawn images and CAD images give the client real insight into the look and feel of their new kitchen and allow for tweaks to perfect the design if needed. 

The introduction of software such as CAD (computer aided design) now means that kitchen design can be quicker and easier. However,a great CAD designer should be able to produce accurate hand drawn plans as well, because these form the basis of the original concept and ideas. The advent of software systems like CAD enables the designing and technical drawing of various projects on the computer rather than the drawing board, including additional rooms such as utility rooms and stand alone pieces of furniture. From CAD's humble beginnings in the 1970s, increasingly complex programs have been developed that display finished drawings in three-dimensional (3-D) formats. One of the major benefits of CAD design is that they can be easily and quickly be amended, reproduced and saved. Hand drawn 3D images will take a designer much longer to produce. Modifying hand drawn designs often involve starting from scratch meaning it  can be a very long process.

Computer generated kitchen renders provide a clear 3D artistic, photo-realistic view of the design concept. These coloured images can include; individual pieces of furniture, lighting and flooring, presenting a walk through feel to the image of the room that has been designed. 

The finished handmade painted kitchen shown in the render above.


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