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Kitchen Islands v's Peninsular

When is an Island not an island? When it’s a peninsula. If you want an island but just don’t have the space or the shape of a room does not lend its self to an island, because for example, it's long and narrow. A peninsular is probably the answer. Like an Island, it creates important extra space, a place to congregate with family and friends and a focal point.


By attaching the peninsular to a perpendicular wall rather than a row of units and putting no units on one side or above, it appears to float like an Island and creates a very open feel while defining the separate zones in your kitchen living space without the need for a wall. A peninsular also allows the available light to flood the whole space. Access can be from three sides rather than four or more created with an island. However, a modern peninsular is so much more than just a breakfast bar.

Today’s peninsular creates additional workspace for a busy cook, raised upstand can be used to separate a stylish seating area with banquette or bench seating. Curves can be incorporated to accommodate a round table and add interest. Alternatively, it can house the hob with a raised upstand area acting as a splash back. Overhead light, extraction and air purification, which can be inset into the ceiling, ceiling mounted or suspended provide a solution for cooking smells and steam, integrated extraction within the actual hob or unit would provide another simple solution.

A peninsular can be used to create a u-shaped or L-shaped kitchen, a small peninsular will break up a galley kitchen and provide additional storage and worktop space. In a very small kitchen, the peninsular can be used for extra cupboards or draws and additional worktops plus an eating area with high stools when there is no space for a table. In a u-shaped kitchen space, a peninsular that is shorter than the run of units on the opposite wall will add interest, prevent breaking up the room and the eliminate the creation of a pinch point. No matter what type of peninsular you choose and how you plan to use it, it will enhance the kitchen with a practical workable area and transform it into an inclusive space.

When you consider the options, interest and space a peninsular represents, you may just find it moves to the top of your wish list.

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