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Inside/Outside Living - Planning Extensions

The trend for inside/outside living continues to grow, and after a reasonable summer this year even more people are looking to extend both their internal living space and to link it more with their outside space, creating external and extended ‘living rooms’ into their gardens.

Bi-fold doors are also very on trend and help to open up internal spaces and link them seamlessly to outside living spaces. Using complementary flooring in the kitchen living spaces that blends with the materials used to create the outside flooring is another way of making the spaces flow together and gives the illusion of a larger space.

Our head designer Mark Johnson really wants to get the message across to anyone looking to apply for planning permission to extend their home, especially if incorporating a kitchen into that extension, to get in touch for some kitchen design help and advise at the very earliest stage, so that Beau-Port can help to design the perfect kitchen for you from the inside out.

Mark advises that your first step is to make sure you bring your kitchen designer in at the earliest stage, preferably before you apply for permission to extend.

“The worst thing to happen would be that you get planning consent for one layout, then realise the extension isn’t going to accommodate the kitchen or kitchen/dining living space you wanted. Plan ahead; think how you want to live, incorporate this into the building design, this should eliminate any future problems. It is worth getting your architect and kitchen designer involved at the same time at that very early stage so you can iron out any potential pitfalls in the future.”

If you have already obtained planning permission Mark and his designer son Jacob have helped clients to make the most of the space in their recently constructed extensions, from huge open plan kitchen/dining/living spaces to smaller extensions that require their skills, insight and experience to create maximum storage space.

Our kitchen designer Jacob Johnson also incorporated both an office area and a hidden utility area into one of his kitchen designs for a boutique B & B client. Other projects that Beau-Port has completed have also included projects that have combined existing kitchen and dining rooms into one larger open plan space.

Our designers are currently working on a number of projects where they are managing the whole project including building works, flooring, plumbing, plastering, new radiators, fitting a new utility and cloakroom.

Beau-Port has a great deal of experience in total project management and working with architects, builders and property developers.

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