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Horsemeat scandal drives consumers back into their kitchens

There is a silver lining to every cloud and in the aftermath of the horsemeat scandal it appears that consumers are dumping the supermarket ready meals and going back to basics by cooking their meals from scratch.  Who would have thought that a food fraud would encourage people back into their kitchens?  But this is proving to be the case in a large percentage of households and this has been backed up by the recent increase in foot fall to the numerous farmer’s markets across the county of Hampshire, as reported by the Hampshire Farmers’ Markets Chairman Toby Bowtell who said:

“In the past few weeks we have seen more shoppers coming to the markets specifically to buy fresh meat to cook their own meals from scratch. They are saying they have checked out the supermarket ready meals because they want to know where their food is coming from and that it is genuine local produce with a traceable food chain and that they are prepared to spend the time cooking meals to ensure that they know what they are serving their families.”

Local butchers are also experiencing an increase in trade and a recent survey by Which? Found that 60% of the 2000 adults questioned had changed how they shop, with many now buying less processed meat.

The change in shopping habits has also encouraged a change in cooking habits and there seems to be more real cooking happening in kitchens across the country and Mark Johnson of Beau Port Kitchens commented:

“It is great to know that people are getting back into their kitchens and creating good, wholesome, home cooked food for their families, rather than relying on ready meals.  We have also found that fitting a new kitchen can have a similar effect – suddenly everyone wants to be in the kitchen!  Let’s hope this is a trend that will continue and people will rediscover the value of having simple home cooking prepared in their own kitchens instead of something out of a box.”

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