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Handle-less kitchens in Hampshire - Design considerations

Beau-Port Kitchens in Hampshire design and install state of the art, contemporary, handle-less, cutting edge, German kitchens that are built to last. Over 25 years of experience, innovative, solution orientated designs, beautiful kitchen furniture,  excellent customer service, high quality products and appliances make them a one stop shop for contemporary and traditional kitchens. Call in and see them at their Hampshire showrooms   or visit their website and start your journey to a new dream handle-less kitchen

​Demand for handle-less kitchens have increased massively over the past five years. Driven by a desire for clean lines, minimalist designs and fuss free living, today's handle-less kitchens make a design statement that is both timeless and beautiful. Less is more applies to the handle-less kitchen, which is one of the reasons it remains a classic. They say "what goes around comes around" and this is true of the handle-less kitchen which was also popular in the 70's. However, technology and designs have moved on significantly since then. Now with so much choice on the market where do you begin? Here we look at the some of the options you should consider when choosing a handle-less kitchen design.

Look and feel: Are you hoping  to achieve a for a sleek, high gloss finish? where the opening element of the drawer or cupboard completely disappears? If this is the case be mindful of the fact that finger marks will show up on the gloss finish. It may be a worthwhile looking at slightly textured finishes, such as wood grain, leather and metallic's or a smooth matt surface in a solid colour or special effect such as marble, which won't show up the finger prints so dramatically. Beau-Port Kitchens supply and install Rotpunkt Kitchens, made in Germany, the quality and technology speaks for its self. With over 3000 combinations of colours, finishes and sizes the designers at Beau-Port can create cutting edge bespoke designs.

Appliances: Integrated appliances are the ideal choice for a handle less kitchen. They will blend seamlessly into the design. Some handle less kitchen designs work better with integrated white goods than others. So choose your appliances and make sure your designer is aware of what you have chosen, in terms of fridge, freezer, dishwasher etc. 

Cleaning and Maintenance: All kitchens require a certain amount of care and maintenance. It may not chip like a handmade painted kitchen but care should be taken when using the kitchen. Usually the advice is to clean with warm soapy water and  be mindful not to flood the furniture,  dry intermediately with a soft cloth. Water must not be left to sit on the door edges as this will create water marks and allow for water ingress, profiles will collect crumbs and dust so these need to be dusted and cleaned regularly.

Cost: People often assume that a handle less kitchen will be a cheaper alternative as there are no expensive handles to consider. However, this is not generally the case due to the type of profiles chosen, opening and closing mechanism and manufacturing costs. A good designer will be able to design a handle-less kitchen to suit your taste and budget.

Safety: Some closing mechanisms even the soft close mechanisms found on kitchens with handles can be brutal so keep those fingers out of the way. A handle less design can be less appealing to small children and there are child locks on the markets than can be neatly concealed with in the cupboard or drawer that can prevent easy opening by small inquisitive fingers.

Opening and closing; There are a variety options available which facilitate opening and closing in addition to stylish space saving ideas. Automatic opening is a push to open mechanism with a button inside the cupboard which when pressed, seamlessly closes the door. These are particularly useful with high cupboards and lift up door where it may be impractical to try to reach up and close the unit, but will allow for additional storage in tall designs which reach up towards the ceiling. Perfect for storing items that are not regularly in use.

Roll front shutter cupboards work perfectly for hiding away tea and coffee making areas. With no door to consider they are space saving sleek and stylish. The door pulls down and rolls up with with a concealed edge on the shutter. Up and over doors and concertina doors are also great space savers.

Drawers and cupboards can be designed with a profile edge, which is straight, curved or angled and allows the fingers tips to use that edge like an invisible handle. For an ultra minimal design statement choose drawers concealed with in cupboards. This is especially useful in base units as it also provides easy visual access to the contents of the cupboard or drawer. Great for concealed bins for sorting waste and recycling.

A true handle less design will have a recessed rail behind the cupboard or drawer front, this can be vertical or horizontal dependant on the cupboard or unit style. Set back it allows a space to insert the fingers to open and close the drawer or door. The rail can be the same colour as the unit for a discrete seamless design or have a feature finish such as mirrors which make a design statement.

Moulded edging in aluminium or fine line detailing can be added to highlight the edge of the drawer, creating a handle that is not a handle. Another consideration is soft remote controlled lighting beneath the work top to highlight the opening of the drawers or doors. Soft close and push to open and fairly standard opening mechanisms for both traditional and today's contemporary kitchen.


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