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Great British Bake Off Gets Us Back Into The Kitchen Again!


There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh baking to make us feel all warm and nurtured.  It fills the house not only with its delightful aroma but it also fills our minds and hearts with great thoughts and feelings of nostalgia - times gone past of special things baked by our mothers with their never to be forgotten flavours, helping us to relive some of the best times of our lives.

So we must thank The Great British Bake Off for helping to encourage us back into our kitchens and start baking again.  The days of picking up a ready-made cake may be numbered.  Some people may consider cakes to be unhealthy – it all depends on how many you eat!  But some of the most wonderful health giving benefits of baking can include the meditative effect of mixing ingredients together, focusing on the creativity of decorating, the joys of sharing your baking and of course eating your freshly baked cakes, breads and biscuits and knowing exactly what has gone into them.

No doubt Mr Hollywood’s deliciously Paul Newman like eyes have had something to do with the success of the series, as has the extraordinary experience, wisdom and talent of the lovely Mary Berry – but the people who really shine in this popular series are the contestants - just a bunch of ordinary people who have a passion for baking and sharing their food with friends and family. It has encouraged us to get out our baking bowls and stand in our kitchens creating something special to perhaps take into work or school, invite friends around or take as a gift to cheer someone up.

Baking makes you realise just how important your kitchen is and how enjoyable it is to spend time there just creating something that everyone will appreciate and enjoy.  Our kitchens have become culinary centres of excellence with the produce comforting and nurturing all those we love.

We have a number of full-scale, fully operational  kitchens here at Beau-Port including our new AGA showroom kitchen with the latest Total Control AGA and I can’t wait to try out my blueberry muffin recipe in that and fill the whole place with that lovely aroma of fresh baking!

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