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Furnishing a new kitchen with the right cooker

Investing in a new kitchen is a big deal. Once the decision is made to create an enhanced cooking, dining and entertaining space, taking the time to select the right appliances and finishing touches is essential.

From cookers and fridges to bar stools and ceiling racks, handles and taps to floor and wall tiles. There are a number of elements that go into the design of a kitchen to suit an individual style with a design that harmonises with the rest of the home and suits the lifestyle of the homeowners - both now and in the future.

Taking the time to research appliances will pay off in the long run. Cookers are a key part of any kitchen and consideration should be given to whether a standalone, traditional Rangemaster cooker should be purchased versus a modern, space-saving built in cooker.

Both have their pros and cons.

While Rangemaster cookers can provide a showstopping centre piece to impress visitors, care should be taken not to choose style over substance.

Built-in cookers can provide the benefit of eye-level ovens but may not allow for cooking a number of items at the same time. Selecting the right option depends on your cooking needs.

Homeowners have the benefit of choice down to the finest details. Ovens and hobs can either use one fuel or use dual fuel which is the most popular option.

Choosing a gas or induction hob depends on personal preference and cooking requirements. While gas remains the most popular choice allowing more control and a visible heat source, induction hobs are easier to clean and are aesthetically more pleasing.

As one of the key, and most used, appliances in any kitchen, a number of factors should be considered before a cooker is purchased including:

  • Does it come with self-clean technology?
  • How accurate are its cooking temperatures?
  • How much space will it require?
  • Does it allow for simultaneous grilling and heating?
  • Would a double oven better meet your needs?
  • Are there enough shelves to allow for multiple dishes to be prepared at the same time?

The father and son team of designers at Beau-Port Kitchens are passionate about delivering the kitchen of your dreams – down to the finest details. We are more than happy to discuss and recommend the appliances and brands to meet your needs.

We are passionate about creating high-quality kitchens at a price that suits your budget. Get one step closer to having your dream kitchen by contacting Beau-Port Kitchens today to arrange your free initial consultation on 01420 571322 (Bentworth) or 023 9241 4370 (Southsea). For inspiration, have a look at some of our kitchen designs here.

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