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Falmec cooker hoods - A breath of fresh air

As appealing as cooking smells can sometimes be an extractor is required to fulfil building regulations in new builds, extensions and renovations so why not invest in the latest technology from Falmec Twister. At first glance, this may appear an expensive option. However, with no need for ugly or hidden expensive ducting, this beautiful piece of essential kitchen equipment speaks for itself. It’s a multifunctional item which is stylish, aesthetically pleasing and superbly efficient, making it far more desirable than other extraction methods.

The Mare, Twister, Zephiro and Marilyn all use a unique groundbreaking E.ion technology which offers a unique solution to cooking odours by eliminating up to 95%. It also cleans the air by destroying bacteria, spores, allergens and cigarette smoke. A sensor monitors the air quality of the air and when it drops the leaf-shaped sensor turns from green to yellow. Once the air quality has been restored by the appliance the leaf returns to green. Ions have a positive effect on the mind and the body, resulting in improved mood and concentration, thereby improving the quality of life.

Designed to be more environmentally friendly with no ducting, so warm or cool air is not lost and expelled into the atmosphere. No ducting also means you have the freedom to position this beautiful extractor where you want it. A particularly attractive option with the ever-popular Island cooking zone. Activate the automatic mode to allow the extractor to monitor the air throughout the day, when it detects a drop-in air quality it will activate the extractor automatically, switching on to purify the air. Thereby saving energy and only operating when needed.

Carbon.zeo filtration is a specialist recirculation filter that combines carbon and zeolite neutralise odours and absorb moisture. The long-life filter can be regenerated to last up to 3 years. Simply place the filter in the oven at 200 degrees c for 2 hours every 18 months.

Each of the extractors incorporates a metallic grease filter, for easy cleaning, optional cable extension and adjustable wires for perfect positioning and LED lighting which converts the extractor to an eye-catching stylish lighting piece to illuminate your kitchen.

Italy is synonymous with design and these Stylish, elegant and sophisticated extractors are no exception. Each one is made with specific quality materials, the Mare is made of glass in a choice of white or black, The Marilyn has a white handmade ceramic canopy and the Twister is produced in brushed aluminium is a titanium or mat black finish. Without a doubt, no matter which one of these you invest in it will enhance your kitchen by design.


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