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Designing the perfect kitchen in Hampshire and Surrey

​Planning makes perfect is certainly true when it comes to kitchen design. At Beau-Port kitchen in Hampshire we have over 25 years of design and installation expertise and experience in both modern contemporary designs and traditional handmade painted kitchens. Our innovative, solution orientated approach means the designers will often come up with ideas you have not considered. All the designs are bespoke to the customers needs, we do not impose our ideas upon you or offer you an off the shelf design. Here we look at some top tips for planning the perfect kitchen. 

No matter what shape or size your kitchen space is the perfect kitchen design is achievable.  Visit Beau-Port Kitchens in Hampshire for a beautiful bespoke kitchen which is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Most people will focus on the appearance of their new kitchen rather than the practicality of the design and how viable it is.  If you  bear these simple tips in mind, planning the perfect kitchen may not seem quite so daunting.  

Kitchen Islands

Kitchens Islands remain very much at the top of our clients wish list. Often used as a room divider between the kitchen and formal dinning area, good island design should not create any pinch points in the kitchen and allow for free flowing movement. Make the most of your Island by including functional space such as sinks or a hob, ensuring the design flows. For example it is useful to have an oven and hob  close together with the least steps between the two and a heat resistant surface. In the case of an Island sink, space for food prep and waste disposal within the Island is desirable. Maximise storage space. Deep drawers beneath the hob work well for oven dishes and pans with a shallow drawer for utensils.

If you include a breakfast bar or seating area at the end or side of an island make sure there is room for an overhang of at least 30cms to 50cms enabling those seated to do so comfortably and not just for breakfast. A seating space is ideal for socialising, children doing homework, catching up with a glass of wine or keeping the cook in the centre of the action. Space behind the seating area can be used for cupboards. Using handle less push to open and close doors mean they disappear seamlessly behind the stools. Islands are also great for book cases, wine racks and including luxury items like wine fridges. Including a power point for the latest technology will keep even the most demanding child or teenager happy.  No space for a kitchen island? consider a kitchen peninsular, they can take up less space but still have many of the benefits of a kitchen island. The possibilities are endless. 

Counter top roll front shutter cabinet.

Hide and Slide

Whether you have a traditional or contemporary kitchen a clutter free approach often makes working within your kitchen much easier.  Hide and slide oven doors as seen on The Great British Bake Off help to avoid pinch points especially if the oven is situated in a corner or close to a run of work tops. They also allow you to get closer to the oven when placing and removing dishes so there's no stretching over the open door. 

A hide away cupboard with a roll front is great for creating a tea and coffee area and storing a microwave or kitchen equipment that is not in use everyday. Include power points and keep your work top free of kettles and toaster. Shelves above provide space for cups and a work surface below will make it a practical space that's easy to clean and heat resistant. 

Storage, Storage and more Storage!

Making the most of the available space really is key to good kitchen design. Carousel and Grand Prix units utilise the wasted space in corner cabinets, pull out shelves are ideal for getting to the back of the cupboard in hand made designs or choose draws with different depth over cupboards below the work tops for easily accessible at a glance storage. Pull down shelf units are great when designing a kitchen with disabled access. Walk in larder and pantry style cupboards provide a place for everything with spice rack style doors and shallow shelves nothing gets lost in the back of the cupboard. No space for a pantry cupboard, then why not invest in a pull out larder cupboard, another great easily accessible visual storage space.

Integrated individual bins are great for sorting, recycling and composting waste, position close to food prep area for convenience. 

Finally, before you put everything back into your new kitchen de-clutter.  As the heart of the home a kitchen has many functions from cooking and eating to socialising and family time. Focus on what you really need or want in the kitchen and dress to impress with beautiful, functional and practical pieces. 


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