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Creating Beautiful Spaces

When Mark and Clare Johnson were looking for a name for their new kitchens and interiors business 15 years ago, the name of a pretty cove in Jersey sprang to mind - Beauport, meaning beautiful place.  They felt it was the most appropriate name for the business as their desire was to create beautiful places for their clients.

Having visited many of their clients and seen a wide range of the kitchens and interiors projects that they have designed and installed, I have seen so many great examples of the beautiful places they have created and the positive changes these new and innovative spaces have made to their client’s lives.

One key thing that comes up again and again when I interview Beau-Port’s clients is that their new kitchens have changed the way they live - for the better.  Often bringing families closer together as they have a beautiful place to spend time in cooking, eating, entertaining or just simply hanging out together.

Rotpunkt Zerox High Gloss & Grey Wild Oak Kitchen. Medstead, Hampshire.
The beautiful curved breakfast bar, created by Wharf Solid Surfaces for Mrs Bowler in Medstead, Hampshire.

With three children, two dogs and a stream of visitors, Jo Bowler’s newly installed Beau-Port kitchen has made a huge difference to her life and she commented that the children now spend so much more time with her in the kitchen, sitting at the curved contemporary breakfast bar chatting to her while she cooks, all eating together there and chilling out in front of the new media centre that Mark also designed and installed, which is located next to the kitchen area.  The family now spends so much more time together and Jo recalls a magical evening recently when even the lengthy power cuts of this winter were another reason to gather the family around her breakfast bar. 

“We covered the work surface in candles and it looked so magical.”

When the power came back on Jo was able to then have her LED beaded lights around the bar on again, which she says make her smile and give the room a lovely atmosphere.

The kitchen is within an open plan space that Beau-Port Kitchens created a media centre in the same furniture.
The kitchen is within an open plan space that Beau-Port Kitchens created a media centre in the same furniture.

Mark Johnson and son Jacob approach kitchen design with great thought given to how the space is going to be used and how it can enhance their client’s lifestyle.  It’s not just about the furniture and appliance, it is about giving the client a special place that they love to be in.  “I really love my kitchen and sometimes I just don’t want to go out and leave it and every time I come back into it, I am amazed at what Mark and his team achieved, it is such a joy spending time in here and it has become the hub of the home.”

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