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Compact handmade and contemporary kitchens - When bijou is beautiful

When creating a compact kitchen think bijou is beautiful and use all the tricks of the trade to create light and space. Regardless of whether you choose a traditional shaker style handmade kitchen or state of the art contemporary German kitchen units, It's still possible to have separate zones in a small kitchen for food prep, cooking and cleaning.

Creating more space with out extending

Under cupboard lighting will flood the worktops with light, open the space and provide light exactly where you need it. State of the art lighting solutions are unobtrusive, concealed above or below the cabinets and  remote controlled, changing in intensity, from bright cool white to a warm light, setting mood and tone at a the press of a button. Internal lighting with in the cabinets helps to  make the most of the available space.

Space permitting, incorporate a small peninsular to provide valuable extra storage space and a small eating area, much more sociable than a breakfast bar. Open shelves give a feeling of space if they are not filled with clutter, under lit floating wall units provide the illusion of greater floor space. Invest in integrated appliances for continuity. Clever lighting will set the right tone in a small kitchen.

Handmade kitchens give you complete flexibility and the ability to utilise every available space. Handmade furniture can be built to your unique sizes and incorporate everything you need. Effectively creating more space without extending and deal with awkward angles seamlessly. Painted kitchens in light tones or bright colours with light work surfaces can create an illusion of space and light.

Doors or windows at the end of a galley kitchen will let the light flood in, if no natural light is available use the end wall wisely for additional storage or a mirrored faux window can add interest, depth and light.

Make the most of storage solutions for a clutter free, minimalist approach, plan in a counter top cupboard with a roll front to store everything you need for hot drinks including the kettle or dispose of the kettle and invest in a boiling tap. In a windowless kitchen use mirrors to reflect space and expand the size of the room. If looking at your reflection as you work does not appeal, use antique mirrors on splash backs to bathe the room with softer reflections and warm light. Or use light polished work surfaces and splash backs to bounce the light around the room.


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