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Chill out with LIEBHERR Luxury

Innovative technologies, award-winning designs and energy efficiency are just a few of the reason Liebherr stand out from the crowd, make everyday living easier and maximises the taste of chilled, refrigerated and frozen food and drinks.

BioFresh technology

There’s no disputing the taste of fresh food, fruit and vegetable. Liebherr's BioFresh has been developed for longer lasting freshness.  Both temperature and humidity levels play a part in keeping food fresh. Meat, dairy products, fruit and vegetables all have very different storage requirements. BioFresh appliances offer up to three compartments, each of which acts like a customised climate zone, to offer optimum storage conditions for different types of food. For even greater flexibility, the temperature and humidity in the BioFresh-Plus compartment can be separately controlled. The customised interplay of temperature and humidity ensures that the food's flavour and nutrients are retained for far longer.

Money saving efficiency

A Liebherr appliance also saves you time and money by storing items efficiently. The innovative refrigeration and freezer technology help food retain its appearance, texture and taste for much longer. It’s fair to say we eat with our eyes, so it will come as no surprise that Liebherr appliances use energy-efficient LED lighting, which bathes the interior and stored items in a visually pleasingly light.

Fridges and freezers are constantly in operation, consequently, this equates to up to 15 percent of the electricity bill. Therefore, an appliance's energy efficiency class is a very important consideration when buying new products. To be considered efficient, appliances must offer high performance but consume relatively little energy and are labelled accordingly.

Liebherr was one of the first manufacturers in Europe to develop refrigerators and freezers to an A+++ the highest standard. The innovative sophisticated features and technologies work together to reduce energy consumption without compromising food storage. Saving money in terms of electricity bills and food waste. A Liebherr A+++ use 60% less energy than a standard A-class appliance.

Aesthetically pleasing

Open-plan living means that the boundaries between the kitchen and entertaining space have become seamless. Liebherr appliances, whether integrated or freestanding exudes timeless elegance and reflect the latest trends in interior design. Produced in high-quality materials, they have won many awards for style, innovation and quality. Combine this with optimum food storage and energy efficiency and you know you have made the right choice.


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