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Shaker Kitchens designed and installed in Hampshire

Shaker furniture is a distinctive style of furniture developed by the United society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, also known as Shakers. Shaker furniture is widely admired for its simplicity, innovative joinery, quality and functionality.

Here at Beau-Port Kitchens we produce our own Bespoke Kitchens and Bespoke Kitchen Furniture. The Range of Doors and Kitchen Furniture we produce is influenced by Shaker Style Furniture.

We have taken the simple furniture style and re-interpreted it in our simple flat doors, which are available in a wide choice of painted colours, and added our own modern touches to improve upon the classic simple design. These modern features include soft close deep drawers, which are more commonly seen in modern German furniture and soft close doors.

We have specially designed theses features not to intrude upon the traditional Shaker look. For example we use strong magnets set into our kitchen doors to create an unobtrusive style of soft close, this enables you to use traditional style hinges instead of the more modern hinges. We also use modern soft close runners built into our Deep Drawers to give a high quality modern finish but with the traditional shaker styling.

The Essential Kitchen Triangle

“Mark’s problem solving and attention to detail was enormously helpful and his very calm manner meant everything ran so smoothly..." Mrs Courtier - Bentworth, Hampshire.

The kitchen work triangle design concept has been around for a long time, apparently since the 1940’s, and has been used since then to create kitchens with efficient design. Based on time-motion studies, the kitchen triangle considers the proximity of the cooking area, food preparation/sink area and the food storage area/fridge freezer, to one another.

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Tall & Slim - The Modern Storage Solution

Remember the days when kitchen designers only had either floor units or wall units to design with? Thankfully those days are long past and our Beau-Port designers now have a vast range of furniture options to offer our clients.

Their recent trip to visit Rotpunkt, our primary contemporary kitchen furniture manufacturer in Germany, had them returning to the UK with fresh and innovative ideas for designing perfect modern kitchens for our clients.

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Clutter Free Kitchen

It is wonderful to have a newly fitted contemporary or traditional style kitchen with lots of beautiful, clean, clear worktops. But it is sometimes difficult to maintain completely clear worktops, in reality, we all need to have various appliances such as toasters, tea and coffee making items and sometimes small liquidisers for those all so healthy smoothies that are growing in popularity.

So how can you keep your work surfaces clear? Beau-Port has the ideal solution which our designers have incorporated into a number of projects - a handy storage solution for all of that clutter, carefully concealed behind a stylish roll top shutter unit.

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Inside/Outside Living - Planning Extensions

The trend for inside/outside living continues to grow, and after a reasonable summer this year even more people are looking to extend both their internal living space and to link it more with their outside space, creating external and extended ‘living rooms’ into their gardens.

Bi-fold doors are also very on trend and help to open up internal spaces and link them seamlessly to outside living spaces. Using complementary flooring in the kitchen living spaces that blends with the materials used to create the outside flooring is another way of making the spaces flow together and gives the illusion of a larger space.

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Best Seat in the House

There is nothing more relaxing than chilling out with friends and family around the kitchen breakfast bar or central island. So many of our clients are keen to have either or both combined, with many of them listing this feature as their primary desire for their new kitchen. We often hear that clients want to be able to carry on entertaining their guests while completing the cooking, with some of them choosing to have an induction or gas hob centrally located on their island.

Our designers Mark and Jacob listen very carefully to what our clients want to achieve and how they want to use their new kitchens. They think and plan carefully, taking into consideration all of the obvious aspects, and then they go further and consider that very important requirement - comfort.

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Ten Great Ideas for your New Kitchen and Home

Beau-Port’s approach to kitchen design also encompasses all the additional elements, features, appliances, bespoke individual pieces of furniture and latest products that will enhance your lifestyle.

“Our kitchen designs are not just about getting the right design and installing our high-quality furniture,” commented Beau-Port designer Jacob Johnson.  “The finishing touches and features that we can design into the project, can also help to make the new space totally unique.  We can include additional design features and new products that really do enhance our client’s quality of life.”

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Rotpunkt's cutting edge contemporary style

Contemporary doesn’t have to mean cold and austere - on the contrary contemporary design can be warm and inviting, even if everything is white. If this surprises you then take a look at some of the beautiful kitchens that Mark Johnson and his partner in design and son, Jacob, have been designing for their Beau-Port Kitchens clients.

I visited one of Beau-Port’s projects recently, stepping into Jo Bowler’s new all white kitchen and media area to see how imaginative design, stylish lighting and shape all conspire to create one of the most welcoming kitchens I have ever seen. I sat down at Jo’s new circular breakfast bar and wanted to stay there all day. Complete with delicate beaded lighting that encompasses the central island, Jo says it adds enormous atmosphere to the large open plan space that she and her family have loved since the moment it was installed.

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The Circle of Style

We only have to look at the fashion pages and on-line fashion sites to see how styles come full circle again, and the clothes that some of us wore in the 80’s and 90’s, have again become key fashion statements of today.

The same is true of interior design.  Some of us may remember the TV campaign from a certain Swedish company a few years ago that prompted us all to ‘chuck out the chintz’. The return of colour and pattern back on the interiors ‘cat-walk’ (namely the interiors media), is clear to see in recent years.  The interiors writers are now saying that natural textures and patterns in textiles and homeware are the next big thing. Maybe not a return of chintz perhaps, but a more sophisticated way to bring floral and other images of nature back into the home.

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Moodboard Wisdom

When planning any major project for your home, take a leaf out of the interior designer's book of wisdom and create your own mood board.  This invaluable creative tool will help you to use gathered images of all the things you love and aspire to own, and would like to incorporate into your new kitchen or interiors project.

Collect images of new products, colour charts, etc. - from magazines, Pinterest, Houzz and any other source.  Take these cuttings and images and either use them to create your own mood board on-line on Pinterest for example or get a pin board or large piece of card and get sticking!  You will be able to see at a glance all the things you would like to include in your project.  Also see some of the Youtube ‘How to Create an Interior Design Mood Board in Minutes.”

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A third of over 55's want to downsize.

A new study from the International Longevity Centre suggests that up to a third of home-owners aged over 55 are considering or are expected to downsize.   The figure is considerably higher if those who have already sold their homes and bought somewhere smaller are included - as high as one in two or almost 50%.

The benefits of down sizing your home can mount up to a long list, including the lower costs of maintaining a smaller home, releasing equity to travel, or to buy a holiday home or just to have the funds to enjoy a whole range of hobbies and pastimes.

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Do home improvements add value to your home?


Last year a survey by the National Association of Estate Agents revealed the top home improvements that could add the best value to your property.  Adding a bedroom, usually by converting loft space was quoted as being the best modification, with a third of respondents suggesting a new kitchen added the best value. Conservatories and converting garages into living space also came high on the list.

At Beau-Port we work closely with our clients to make the most of their home improvements, helping them to achieve the best projects for all areas of their homes, not just kitchens but utility, laundry and boot rooms, fitted bedroom furniture for bedrooms, dressing rooms and walk in wardrobes, home offices and media rooms. But the room that always comes top of the list in terms of adding other kinds of value such as improved lifestyle, comfort, appeal and saleability always seems to be the kitchen.  Especially the new trend towards having open plan kitchens which combine dining and living space.

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Historic Kitchen at Petworth House shows the early development of kitchen design

Whenever I visit a National Trust property or any historic property, the place that fascinates me the most is always the kitchen. The heart of any property the kitchen will tell you so much about the wealth and status of the original owner, the number of servants they could afford to have and the kind of food that was prepared in some of the largest and most important historic kitchens in the world.

The kitchens in Petworth House, East Sussex. Image via Flickr user Anguskirk.
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Why Design Experience Counts

Investing in a new kitchen or interiors project is not something we do every day.  When we do decide to go ahead with the project we need to know that the company we are investing our hard-earned cash with, has all the experience required to do the very best job.

Head designer at Beau-Port, Mark Johnson, has over two decades of experience in creating flawless kitchen and interiors projects for a wide range of clients.

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When White is the New Black

There are some colours that are totally timeless when it comes to fashion, and interiors fashion also has its own phases with white being a current key ‘colour’, although not technically a colour as such.  White is clean, timeless, fresh and uplifting and you can see many examples of how Mark and Jacob Johnson, our team of expert kitchen designers, have created a number of contemporary white kitchens for clients including Rotpunkt matt white lacquer doors with timber panels plus pictures - see under Fitted Kitchen Projects on our website.

You can also read about our other white kitchen projects and case studies on our website in more depth including the high gloss version of a Rotpunkt kitchen that Mark teamed up with Grey Wild Oak panels that add warmth and contrast to the project.

​​​​Our Rotpunkt High Gloss Kitchen in Stone and Urban Wild Oak and White Acrylic worktops.

If white is your favourite colour then come along and see our full size showroom white high gloss kitchen with Urban Wild Oak panels which will give you a real feel for how such a kitchen could look in your home, either in a small space or as part of an open plan project.

The Urban Wild Oak was also selected by another client who had it teamed up with the Rotpunkt high gloss, but in a slightly warmer tone of Sand and introduced other warm and bold colours to the decoration of the room.  This particular client also had the Urban Wild Oak extended to cover a whole wall, floor to ceiling of units, again adding warmth and intrigue to the design with huge amounts of ‘hidden’ storage, with the a large stainless steel fridge freezer in the middle of the wall, simply stunning!

So if white is your favoured colour then come along and take a look at our full range of contemporary kitchens, which also come in a vast choice of other colours - plus our traditional Shaker style kitchens which you can have painted any shade of white, or other colour you wish.

Growing Trend for Multi-Functional Spaces

The kitchen is no longer just a kitchen - it can also be a study, media room, games and entertainment space, as well as somewhere to cook, eat and entertain.  The growing trend for more multi-functional spaces, now goes beyond the desire for just the open plan living of an extended kitchen, dining area and family room combined.

The way that we now live is very different to even the way we lived just a few years ago.  The fast pace of developing technology - Wi-Fi, the development of more mobile independent devices and the way we choose to access and view our entertainment, have all contributed to the changes in how we use the space in our homes.

One of our projects incorporated a media centre into the kitchen design (see header image above), which also had a sitting area as well as a dining area.  Our client Jo Bowler commented on how this single, larger space and the various design features that Mark, our Beau-Port Head Designer, incorporated into the kitchen, have actually enhanced the quality of life for herself and her family,  bringing them closer together.  She reported that they now communicate and connect more because they all gather and spend most of their time in this new space.

Mrs Bowlers Rotpunkt High Gloss kitchen. Here you can see how two defined areas can be combined to produce a more social environment.

“Mark’s initial designs were amazing, he understood exactly what I wanted and it was great to see the 3D designs and his great attention to every detail.  He has created a kitchen that is the heart of the home and where everyone could relax and enjoy the space together.  It has really changed the way we live.  The family gathers around the central island and my children are spending more time with me and together, rather than in their respective bedrooms,” said Jo Bowler.

Another one of our clients, Christine Boot, just loves to linger in her kitchen with her husband after a long day at work and commented:  “At night we switch the main LED ceiling lights off and just have the lights over the breakfast bar and the concealed lighting under the counter and the ‘Floating’ shelves.  It creates a really cosy atmosphere and we often end up spending the whole evening in the kitchen just chatting and playing on our iPads.”

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The Value of Having the Best Project Management

Many years ago I employed a local builder to manage a number of projects on my home - the design and installation of a new kitchen, new bathroom and work on other areas of the property. The builder had been recommended by a friend and I felt confident about handing over the keys to my house to let him get on with the work while I went away on holidays. The day came when the builder arrived and as I was about to get into the taxi to take me off on a relaxing, chill out holiday he revealed that he had not checked the measurements of the kitchen and that a number of the units would not fit in place. This not only destroyed my confidence in him, but my holiday as well. Having confidence in the person who is managing your project and knowing that they are meticulous about every detail of the project - including checking measurements, is vital.  My experience with this particular builder was a hard and expensive lesson to learn. So I feel proud to hear the comments coming from our Beau-Port kitchens and interiors clients when they sing the praises of Mark and his team when it comes to hassle free, professional project management - and yes, clients do have the confidence to go off on their holidays knowing that they will come home to a perfect new kitchen or interiors project created by Beau-Port.

Wharf Select - A Beau-Port Kitchens design
“We felt so comfortable with Mark and confident in his expertise that we took ourselves off on holidays..." Christine Boot - Oakley, Hampshire.
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The Power Of Colour

Tell a woman that you have bought a new car and the first thing she will ask is “What colour is it?” Colour is one of the most fundamentally important things to human life - in the world of nature it can signal danger or a source of food.

Imagine our lives without colour, everything in black and white and how that would affect us in many ways, especially spiritually and emotionally.  In the long-term a world without colour would affect our whole well-being and somehow life would not seem worth living.

As an interiors designer Mark Johnson, our Head Designer at Beau-Port, has worked with colour all of his professional life and understands the value of colour, how it can create mood, atmosphere, warmth and even attract light into a dull or shadowy space.  He has a detailed understanding of how light moves through a room and the effect it has at different times of the day.

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Creating Beautiful Spaces

When Mark and Clare Johnson were looking for a name for their new kitchens and interiors business 15 years ago, the name of a pretty cove in Jersey sprang to mind - Beauport, meaning beautiful place.  They felt it was the most appropriate name for the business as their desire was to create beautiful places for their clients.

Having visited many of their clients and seen a wide range of the kitchens and interiors projects that they have designed and installed, I have seen so many great examples of the beautiful places they have created and the positive changes these new and innovative spaces have made to their client’s lives.

One key thing that comes up again and again when I interview Beau-Port’s clients is that their new kitchens have changed the way they live - for the better.  Often bringing families closer together as they have a beautiful place to spend time in cooking, eating, entertaining or just simply hanging out together.

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Sort, Crush and Store!

Across the world there is a growing need to reduce landfill by recycling plastics, metals, paper and glass.  If you are looking for the neatest way to sort out all your recycling and rubbish, then having it all discreetly tucked away in a drawer close to the kitchen preparation area is a good location.  But it is not only about where you site your waste units but also how good they are in terms of capacity, storage and ease of use.  No one wants to have to take the rubbish out to the wheelie bin too frequently.

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Christmas - The Constantly Changing Tradition

Christmas - The Constantly Changing Tradition

Above: Jane Austen's House and Museum at Christmas.

Everything is constantly evolving and nothing ever stays the same – from our use of language to the way we celebrate Christmas.  Today in most homes the kitchen is the hub of activity throughout the year and even more so at Christmas – where everyone wants to gather and if you are lucky, to join in and help with the preparations.

Our Beau-Port showroom is located close to Jane Austen’s House and Museum, and to what was her brother’s home, Chawton House.  Christmas for Jane Austen and her family and friends was a much lower key event than the season we celebrate today.  It had not yet developed into the elaborate festival known to the Victorians and was much more of a religious occasion.

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Seamless Surrounds


Remember the days of tiled worktops and all the frustration of keeping the tiles and grouting clean? Thank heavens that fashion is long gone and there are now a huge range of options for our work surfaces. At Beau-Port we are finding that the Wharf Select seamless worktops are proving to be very popular with our clients – wonderful, endless, uncluttered, uninterrupted open space of with absolutely no joins - total bliss after all the scrubbing of grout and joints!

When I first saw the Wharf worktops I had to stop myself from running my hands across the smooth surface as it is such a tactile material made from Acrylic and has a wide range of colour and pattern finishes that can link into any kitchen colour scheme ranging from soft, pale muted pastels through neutral shades and patterned, flecked, stone and marbled finishes to the deepest, darkest shades with names like Cloudy, Gravel, Hazelnut and Indigo Blue.

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13% Increase In People Working From Home

In the last five years there has been a 13% increase in the numbers of employees working from home and now there is even a National Work from Home Day! There is now around four million home based working employees and many millions more who occasionally work from home, plus a further 2 million home-based privately owned businesses and that clearly demonstrates a growing trend and culture change.

So where do a lot of these home workers actually work from?  The days of working from the garden shed on an old table are long gone and home workers are looking for a more professional environment and furniture, yet something that doesn't look out-of-place or too corporate in a home environment.

Beau-Port Kitchens and Interiors has just recently finished installing a beautiful home-office/study area in their showrooms which shows just how streamline an elegant a home office, study or even a corner of a kitchen or living area can look.

In just a few decades the attitude to working from home has changed enormously, with freelance consultants initially feeling as though they had to ‘hide’ their home working behind ‘virtual offices’.  Today the practice of working from home has flourished, thanks to changing attitudes by employers and the development of new technologies.

Home workers want to be comfortable, work efficiently and above all look and feel professional and organised in their work space, wherever it can be located in the house or even in a well-built exterior office in the garden and the right furniture helps to create the perfect working environment.  Come and take a look at our new home study/office at our 2000 sq ft showroom.  We also design and install beautiful furniture for media rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

It's All In The Detail

So many of our Beau-Port clients mention Mark’s attention to detail including Janet Oldham, who had a beautiful Shaker style kitchen installed and was thrilled with the higher worktops that Mark designed into the kitchen, to suit Janet and her husband’s heights.  A detail like this can make all the difference to how we use our kitchens and even feel after spending time preparing for meals.  A curved unit was also included into the design to give a more spacious and softer look and to also free up some space for Janet’s chair by the French doors looking out onto their garden.  As Janet Oldham said: “Other kitchen companies we looked at presented very standard designs, but Beau-Port created a very individual design for us.”  You could say it was ‘tailor-made’ for the Oldhams.

Handmade In-Frame Shaker Kitchen in Farrow & Ball Blackened
Janet Oldhams In-Frame Shaker Kitchen with curved end unit.
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Go with the Flow!

Space has energy of its own and that energy can be restricted by bad design, objects blocking natural walkways and not enough thought going into how the space needs to be used.  All of these problems were inherited by one of Beau-Port’s clients who had moved into a beautiful house in Hampshire, which had a kitchen with three doorways leading into and out of the kitchen, a large set of French doors and a door to a walk in larder.

 In Frame Shaker Kitchen in Green Blue & Wimborne White
In Frame Shaker Kitchen in Green Blue & Wimborne White
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Kitchen Sink Dramas

Before TV dramas were sponsored by detergent companies and gaining the name of ‘Soaps’, they were referred to as ‘kitchen sink dramas’.  Most of the action in any home seems to happen in and around the kitchen, which is the hub of every household and probably the most used room in the house.  Most of our mother’s generation would probably agree that the majority of family dramas happened around the kitchen sink and they would lay claim to the fact that they spent most of their time at their sinks!

Even the advent of the labour-saving dishwasher still has not released us from the kitchen sink and it is still an integral and very important part of any kitchen.

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How A New Tap Can Enhance Your Life

When I moved into my house nine years ago I inherited the worst kitchen tap ever - with an old-fashioned turn handle for both hot and cold – it dripped, got stuck, was difficult to turn off and on and was generally a real pain!  Probably because it was such a pain I realised just how often I would need to use it – I believe the average number of times a kitchen tap is used in a day is over thirty times – so 30 daily sessions of frustration – until I had it changed and in a small way it changed the quality of my life.

Now a few years on I can see how the world of taps has grown and expanded and there are now so many options available through our Beau-Port Kitchens website which hosts a Kitchen Tap Store. It is time for an upgrade in my kitchen and I am tempted by so many of the choices that Beau-Port now has available.

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When Form Follows Function

The Shaker style of furniture design may have originally landed in America in the late 18th century from its roots in England, but over the passing two centuries has found its way back across the Atlantic to its homeland, where it has been embraced by kitchen designers in particular with its clean and uncluttered lines that look fresh and contemporary, while still offering ‘warmth’ and character to the most important room in the house.

Handmade In-Frame Kitchen in Old White By Beau-Port Kitchens
A recent shaker style kitchen, designed and installed, by Beau-Port
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Traditional Or Contemporary?

There are many compromises that couples have to make when setting up home together, blending their different styles and tastes into the most important room in the house - the kitchen, is often the most problematic.  My niece and her partner are busy renovating their new home and their kitchen is the next big project.  I had assumed that they would both want to have a very contemporary kitchen but my niece favours a more traditional kitchen style, while her partner wants all out minimalist modern!  It is going to be their first big style compromise on the house renovation project.

So I have suggested that they come into the Beau-Port showrooms and ‘test drive’ some of our contemporary and traditional style kitchens.  It is great to have so many real life size kitchens in the showroom and in a setting that actually makes them feel as though they are within a home. They can sit in the various kitchens, relax and have a cup of coffee while Mark guides them through the various options that will satisfy both their style requirements.

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Clocking The Hollywood And Berry Kitchen!

Maybe it is because we are all obsessed with kitchens here at Beau-Port Kitchens, that every time we see a kitchen featured on a TV programme we are looking at it with our professional eyes.  One of the most attractive kitchens I have seen on TV in recent times has been the one used by the delicious Paul Hollywood and the delightful Mary Berry on their ‘Easter Master Class’ programme recently.

I thought it looked familiar and suddenly realised that the kitchen had been featured on the front of one of my favourite magazines ‘The English Home’.

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Planning Your Dream Kitchen

This kitchen is mainly finished in Oak with a stunning granite worktop to top it all off.

Mark Johnson of Beau Port Kitchens has had decades of experience in helping clients to plan their new kitchens.

"If renovations and extension work is involved, it is best for clients to start to think about the project from the inside out, rather than the other way around. They need to firstly consider the design of the kitchen they want, the dimension, shape and overall square footage that will include all the storage, features and appliances they want and how they want to use the space before they even talk to an architect.”

This is what the kitchen looked like before. After careful planning and listening to what the customer wanted, we believe we have made a vast improvement over the old furniture.


“This approach can help to save time, money and disappointment,” continued Mark. “The kitchen is the hub of the household and the primary focus of activity in most homes. These day’s people want to have a kitchen that can serve many purposes including dining and seating and many want a more open plan style of living, so it is good to consider lifestyle options for this space and perhaps calling in a kitchen expert at an earlier stage can be very useful. Clients then have a clear plan of how the kitchen will work for them and this can be very helpful for the architect too.”

Beau Port Kitchens can also manage extension and renovation projects from concept to completion and will also work closely with client’s chosen architects and builders to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Test Drive Your New Kitchen

When we invest in a new car, or even a second hand one, we take time researching all the options and most importantly we test drive each car before considering a purchase.  Most people choose to imagine what their new kitchen will look like, feel like and how it will work for them.  Yet the investment in a new kitchen can sometimes be as great, or even greater, than the investment in a new car.  The majority of High Street kitchen showrooms are limited on space and often only have two or three real size kitchen displays available for customers to get a true feel of how a particular kitchen would look in their homes.

We wanted to offer our clients the opportunity to fully experience the type and style of kitchen they would be investing in, so we found the biggest showroom we could at Bentworth, near Alton, with lots of convenient on- site free parking.  We then set about installing a whole range of real size kitchens in a variety of designs that our customers could come along and ‘test drive’, encouraging them to sit, linger, chat, have a cup of coffee and take their time in making the right decision that fits their taste, lifestyle and budget.   Without the costly overheads of a High Street showroom we can offer high quality kitchens that are really affordable.

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Keep the Customer Satisfied

It’s been almost 50 years since Simon and Garfunkel released their song ‘Keep the Customer Satisfied’ and this has become our modern mantra for our business today, especially when designing and installing our kitchens in a range of homes – it is such a personal thing – everyone has their own personal taste and desires for their dream kitchen and we take their wish list and ideas and combine them with our own expertise to create a very personal space where they want to spend a lot of time.

Providing the perfect service to our customers has meant that they then recommend us to friends and family and it is those recommendations that have been the lifeblood of our business, helping us to grow and be able to open our 2000 sq ft showroom at Bentworth, close to Alton in Hampshire.

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Jane Austen's Kitchen Tales

Just a few miles away from our Beau Port showroom is the village of Chawton, where Jane Austen’s House and Museum is located and is currently busy with the visiting media of the world filming everything and anything to do with the publication of Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ two hundred years ago.  For those of you who have visited this historic house, you will have been able to explore the fairly recently restored kitchen, the last part of the house to be opened to the public – thanks to some lottery funding.  The simplicity of these historic kitchens makes you wonder how the cooks of the day managed to turn out such fine food.  The kitchen is separate from the rest of the house, with access to it outside, a few paces away from the side entrance to the house.  The baking oven is in a separate building and where all the laundry was also completed – a kind of Georgian utility room!

I wonder what Jane Austen would have thought about today’s modern kitchens, maybe she would feel more at home in our more traditionally styled kitchens, complete with one of our AGA ranges.  Our more contemporary styled kitchens and the high speed cooking times would stretch her active imagination.

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Modern Kitchens - A guide to modern living and design

Modern kitchen design is the epitome of modern home design and functionality. When buying a modern style kitchen you will be getting the height of kitchen technology coupled with stunning minimalist design. This can be achieved by using very contrasting colours and textures to frame or boarder the doors and units.

At Beau-Port Kitchens we display and use modern kitchen furniture from German kitchen manufacturer Rotpunkt. Rotpunkt produce the highest quality German, modern kitchen furniture. Two of which display’s we have on display at our showroom in Hampshire.

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