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Bold and clean kitchen designs for 2018

No two kitchens created by the father and son team at Beau-Port Kitchens are the same. Designing spaces to suit the individual and unique tastes of each client is our passion.

How a kitchen is utilised varies between homeowners. Some simply want a functional room for preparing food while others spend significant time entertaining and dining within this space which is truly the heart of their home.

Trends for 2018 so far demonstrate confidence with bold, clean designs and textured, mixed materials brought together to deliver stunning visual combinations to be enjoyed for years to come.

Concrete and multi-coloured themes are popular this year as the move away from solid colours continues with a mix of different metals being selected.

Copper, black metal, antique brass and oak timbers are on-trend adding an industrial element to homes reminiscent of some of the top modern restaurants as the UK’s interest and sophistication in food and dining grows.

The Beau-Port Kitchens specialist team of designers are increasingly being asked to incorporate a hint of nature within their designs. Planters are being included to add greenery and warmth combining live plants within the context of bold, contemporary appliances and surfaces.

Ceramic is commonly used for worktops as it’s popular for its heat, scratch and stain resistance while the robust feel and look of granite is regularly requested for statement pieces such as islands with a plainer material used for the sides for greater visual emphasis.

Clean, flush designs are still on-trend this year with customers asking for appliances to be installed side-by-side in rows producing a neat, uniform look.

Whether you’re looking for something that’s on trend, or your style is more retro, Beau-Port Kitchens can deliver. We take clients through the journey step-by-step from initial ideas to the finished product until you have the kitchen that not only suits your home, but a room that you can enjoy time and time again.

We are passionate about creating high quality kitchens at a price that suits your budget. Get one step closer to having your dream kitchen by contacting Beau-Port Kitchens today to arrange your free initial consultation on 01420 571322 (Bentworth) or 023 9241 4370 (Southsea). For inspiration, have a look at some of our other kitchen designs here.


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