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BLANCO - Tap Technology

Taps have come a long way in recent years in terms of technology, with the introduction of highly desirable filter taps, eco taps, sensor tap and boiling taps to name just a few of the advances. Stylish spray taps increase your reach in the sink area and save time by targeting how you use the tap and water. Periscope taps make windows in front of sinks easily accessible without obstructing the view.

Filter Taps

Filter taps offer filtered water enhancing your cooking, eating and drinking experience. Hot drinks taste better and food tastes fresher, cold water straight from the tap is refreshing. With today's emphasis on healthy lifestyles, BLANCO water filter taps combine both the standard supply and fresh filtered water in one tap. The under-sink filter cartridge acts against potentially undesirable elements to supply top quality drinking water on demand, as well as removing sediment and dirt.Filtered water taps are also effective against a wide range of contaminants including chemicals, toxins and heavy metals without removing essential minerals, thus protecting your kitchen equipment, especially useful in hard water areas.  

Spray Taps

A flexible spray taps, side spray or pull out sprays is great for washing fruit and vegetables, rinsing the sink and hand washed items, filling cooking equipment and increasing the range and radius of the tap, valuable labour-saving benefits. BLANCO have a range of visually exciting taps which offer spray and jet features in addition to pull out spays in addition to a compact mini version.

Eco Taps

Eco taps offer measured amounts of water, reducing waste and water use along with water bills. The BLANCO  eco range of taps has a flow limiter factory fitted as standard within the spout. It limits the water flow to six litres per minute while still providing a good visual flow. Should you need to reduce flow further, BLANCO provide range of taps with flow limiters of 5.0, 4.0, or even 1.7 litres per minute to meet the demands of today's sustainable homes.

More than a Hot Tap

​Boiling taps negate the need for a kettle or pre-heating pans of water for cooking. It can all done straight from the boiling tap. Great in contemporary minimalistic kitchens as well as traditional kitchen where space is at a premium or there are limited worktops for appliances.

Sensor Taps

The hands-free operation of Automatic Sensor Taps provides a great way to save money and increase hygiene standards in the home and kitchen. Latest technology infra-red sensors allow you to pre-set the flow time and activation distance giving total control of water usage for cooking and cleaning.

Taps in front of windows

There's nothing more annoying that a tap that stick up in front of window restricting both the view and operation of the window. However, a place to work that offers great views and makes full use of the available space; the window is the perfect place for the kitchen sink. Solve the problem with a BLANCO ELOSCOPE-F II and PERISCOPE-S-F II, kitchen taps that make sure nothing gets in the way when opening or closing the window.Easy to use hand operated retractable taps in stylish modern and contemporary design. I deal for use with under mounted sinks. 


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