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Black and white kitchens

A black and white kitchen is dramatic, elegant and sophisticated. Beau-Port Kitchens in Hampshire can add a sense of individuality to your black and white or mono chrome kitchen, cooking, living and entertaining space. Here we look at a few ideas for creating the perfect mono chrome kitchen. 

 A black kitchen is often seen as masculine and a white kitchen can be viewed as stark cold and uninviting but combine the two for a beautiful bold design statement. But does it have to be pure black and white? The timeless mono chrome kitchen can be created using nearly black furniture. Rotpunkt, the German contemporary kitchens supplied and installed by Beau-Port Kitchens, has an exciting range of sophisticated colours in near black shades including metal, Carbon, Pearl Titane and Sherwood Black wood effects. Mix textures and finishes, combine matt furniture with sleek shinny work surfaces or rough and smooth textures like the forest wood effect for interest and definition.

Unsure about a pure black and white kitchen? Accessories are great way of creating a style, which can be changed easily at a relatively low cost in the future, if desired. Black pendant shades cast soft warm light where you need it, spotlights and overhead lighting are great for flooding work tops and floor space with light. Highlight, handle less furniture and shelves with concealed bead lighting. Make a statement with an  extractor fan like this beautiful Italian designed state of the art  extractor from Falmec. Available in black or Brushed Steel there's n need for unsightly ducting, position anywhere in the room and it  will extract, filter and purify the air without damaging the sight lines. A Falmec Extractor unit also provides soft ambient lighting. 

Add vintage or contemporary black bar stools to a kitchen island or peninsular seating area. If you cant find what your looking for, source some cheap stools and paint them. Spray paint is easy to apply and hard wearing, just ensure you read the instruction because good preparation will ensure a professional finish.

Rotpunkt monochrome kitchen Image courtesyof Rotpunkt kitchens

The space behind a sink or cook top is a great place to introduce a bold element, as a limited space it will  not overpower the kitchen or the design, dramatic yet restrained. Solid black glass, black shimmer glass or black sparkle glass would all work well. Another great way of introducing black to a white kitchen or white to a black kitchen is tiling whether its on the walls or the floors. its self limiting and easy to change should you tire of the design.

If you're feeling bold add a bank of black or nearly black units to house the ovens and integrated appliances to create a feature wall. Or choose black, white goods but remember you will be living with them for a long time. Alternatively, go for black worktops on clean white furniture or ring the changes with a black statement piece such as an Island and add a shinny white worktop to bounce the light around the room. Sparkling glass chandeliers are perfect for black and white kitchens, a black glass chandelier could add an element of drama. Another statement idea is to add a beautiful traditional Black AGA range cooker.

Regardless of whether you have a black and white theme throughout your home or just in the kitchen, mono chrome is here to stay because it has a timeless appeal even in the most contemporary kitchen.  Beau-Port Kitchens can offer you the power of possibilities when designing your dream kitchen.


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