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What are the benefits of Induction hobs over gas hobs?

Siemens iQ700 Induction hob with integrated ventilation system with flex induction cooking zones

​Choosing a new hob can be a minefield with so much choice on the market. Here we highlight the benefits of an induction hob over a traditional gas hob. Beau-Port Kitchens in Hampshire supply both and have working displays in their showrooms which feature the latest hob technology and advances. Below are 10 great reasons why you should choose an induction hob! 

Safe, easy to use, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Today's Induction hobs do not disappoint!

  1. Induction hobs finger tip control means no fiddling with awkward knobs, more precise temperature control and clear digital information, ensure it's easy to  maintain and repeat the temperature of hob every time you cook. 
  2. Safe and energy efficient, an induction hob will only operate when the induction pan is placed on the sensor plate, reducing wasted energy and the chance of accidentally leaving the hob on. Some models also have automatic cut off and a boil sensor to prevent the pan boiling over
  3. An induction hob uses less energy to cook, 90% of the energy is used to heat the pan and contents meaning less wasted energy and a cooler more comfortable ambient temperature in the kitchen.
  4.  Child locks on induction hobs mean they are not easily operated by children when the locks are engaged.
  5.  Induction hobs cool down quicker than gas or electric hobs, look out for innovative features on the latest models including; cool touch tops which are instantly hot and instantly cold meaning faster heat up times  and reduced cooking times.
  6. Induction hobs with power boast can reduce cooking time by between 30 and 50%
  7. No naked flame ensures induction hobs have a reduced fire hazard and have no carbon monoxide poisoning risk
  8.  Integrated extraction hobs like the model shown mean there is no need for an extractor hood or extractor unit.
  9.  Some larger Induction Hobs have freeInduction Plus, which allow you to move up to six pots and pans freely anywhere on the hob, without being restricted to size or predefined cooking zones.
  10. Fitted flush to the work top Induction hobs are perfect for today's minimalist kitchen designs, aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive in any kitchen they are easy to clean and maintain with no knobs, burners or pan stands to clean.
Traditional handmade painted shaker style kitchen featuring an induction hob


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