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Beautiful bespoke kitchens Hampshire and Surrey

A bespoke kitchen is a kitchen designed and manufactured specifically for you and your home. Beau-Port Kitchens in Hampshire have been designing and installing beautiful handmade bespoke kitchens for over 25 years. Here we look at how and why to choose a bespoke kitchen.

Small bespoke kitchen designed & built for a listed building

​Like a bespoke suit a bespoke handmade kitchen is designed and manufactured around you for you and your home. It is totally unique, designed and built to meet your needs with no off the shelf solutions. If there is then it's not a bespoke kitchen. Although, a bespoke kitchen is usually a bigger financial investment when compared to an off the shelf package, it is a better choice in the long term as your kitchen is designed and built exactly as you want it without the need to compromise. Costs can be managed and adjusted dependant on the other elements of the kitchen, such as flooring, lighting, worktops and appliances.

There are many reasons for choosing a bespoke kitchen. These often range from personal choice, flexibility of design, awkward shaped rooms, low ceilings, listed building restrictions, disability access or maybe you are particularly short or tall and therefore require furniture that is a different height to standard kitchen furniture. Whatever the reason, these simple tips will help to guide you.

"Our electrician had worked closely with Mark Johnson of Beau-Port on another project and spoke very highly of him and how impressed he was with Mark's design expertise and the craftsmanship of his fitters. So I took a look on the Beau-Port website and saw a Shaker style kitchen they had designed and installed and thought it was absolutely beautiful and would be a perfect style for our home," commented

  • 1.Choose an established company with a long history of designing, supplying and fitting bespoke kitchens. The internet is a great place to start. Look for testimonials, reviews and images from real customers. Ask friends, families and the builders or suppliers you are using for recommendations.
  • 2.Visit the showrooms to see the kitchens they have on display. Look at the quality of materials they use, styles, hinges, door opening and closing mechanisms. Don't be afraid to ask questions, such as where the kitchen furniture is manufactured? who will fit it? and how experienced they are?
  • 3.Engage your kitchen designer early in the project to protect against costly revisions further down the line.
  • 4.Draw up a wish list of things that are essential to your new kitchen, things that would be nice to have and those of less importance. For example, do you like the idea of an oversized Island or curved units? Is noise or flow through the kitchen an issue for you.
  • 5.Build a mood board, recurring themes will soon become evident and a good, experienced kitchen designer will easily be able to interpret these ideas creatively.
Making a feature out of a feature.
  • 6.Take photos and any plans you may have; a brief sketch and sizes of the space is also useful.
  • 7.Book an appointment with your chosen company, walk around the showroom with your designer, bring along your information and sit down and talk to them. Ask about a home visit. Beau-Port Kitchens are happy to do a home visit but there is a small charge, which is redeemed against your final invoice if you appoint them.
  • 8.A good designer will give you the benefit of their expertise without being forceful. The designers at Beau-Port Kitchens have an innovative, solution, orientated approach, they often have ideas the customers have not even considered. But they will not force their ideas upon you.
  • 9.Have a budget in mind, no project at Beau-Port kitchens is too big or too small.
  • 10. Without a budget unless it is limitless, makes designing for you and the designer a difficult process. Armed with a good wish list, savings can be made on any new kitchen, dependant on which, flooring, worktops, lighting and appliances you choose.
Contemporary handmade bespoke kitchen


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