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American Style fridge freezer V's Built in fully integrated technology

Regardless of whether you choose a traditional handmade shaker style kitchen or a contemporary state of the art modern kitchen design both American fridge freezer or fully integrated refrigeration will work, meaning there are no hard and fast rules, its very much down to personal choice and available space. 

American french door fridge freezer in a contemporaryRotpunkt German kitchen.

For some people an American Fridge Freezer makes a statement in their home while others see it as a practical solution. The space they provide means there is usually enough space for a large family to store all their food and drinks.

The American style Fridge freezer is a generic term we use and does not necessarily mean that it originated in America. It features a side by side fridge and freezer rather than the standard up and down models. Alternative configurations include full width fridge with double doors and drinks dispenser plus 1  1/3 refrigeration below as shown. They are free standing and usually incorporate drinks dispensers and ice makers although these do take up valuable space in the fridge/freezer doors reducing overall capacity. Being free standing means you are less limited in terms of where you place them in your kitchen although consideration needs to be given to the overall size of the appliance and how you will manage to get it in through doors and hallways etc. to the kitchen.

Integrated fridges and freezers have come a long way since they were first introduced to the market.They are unobtrusive and concealed behind beautiful cabinetry giving your kitchen a streamlined clutter free look regardless of whether it's in a traditional or contemporary style. Most are now available in a variety of fridge and freezer capacity sizes meaning that you can tailor them to yours and your family's needs. Available in 50/50 split or 70/30 they incorporate frost free technology and often offer more space than an American style appliance. Alternatively, install separate integrated fridge and freezer. These are not designed specifically to stand side by side, so offer flexibility in terms of positioning with no compromise on food storage space.

For an even more streamlined look and maximum space, look no further than Liebherr, who provide a range of fully integrated side by side fridge freezers with built in ice maker. They offer both plumbed in and water tank versions, a handy alternative if plumbed water is not available. The ice maker can also be turned off independent of the main appliance. Bio Fresh technology is said to keep food fresh for much longer than traditional refrigerator compartments, telescopic rails mean everything in the draws is easily accessible, Duo cool ensures the sections of the fridge and freezer are independently controlled and maintained at the optimum temperatures that have been set by you and the soft close door function speaks for its self This addition to the market would give any American style fridge freezer a run for its money.

Whether you choose an American style or integrated fridge freezer is very much a personal choice as they both have additional features and benefits. Both can be aesthetically pleasing dependant on your own personal style. Hence the final choice will probably depend on the space you have available, budget and the look you are trying to create. Integrated fridges can also give greater flexibility as there are smaller integrated models on the market. The integrated built in fridge freezer remains the most inconspicuous option and ensures a seamless look to your kitchen. For the best in traditional and contemporary kitchens and appliances visit Beau-Port Kitchens in Hampshire. 


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