Chill out with LIEBHERR Luxury

Innovative technologies, award-winning designs and energy efficiency are just a few of the reason Liebherr stand out from the crowd, make everyday living easier and maximises the taste of chilled, refrigerated and frozen food and drinks.

BioFresh technology

There’s no disputing the taste of fresh food, fruit and vegetable. Liebherr's BioFresh has been developed for longer lasting freshness.  Both temperature and humidity levels play a part in keeping food fresh. Meat, dairy products, fruit and vegetables all have very different storage requirements. BioFresh appliances offer up to three compartments, each of which acts like a customised climate zone, to offer optimum storage conditions for different types of food. For even greater flexibility, the temperature and humidity in the BioFresh-Plus compartment can be separately controlled. The customised interplay of temperature and humidity ensures that the food's flavour and nutrients are retained for far longer.

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Siemens – studioLine Induction Hob EX877LYV1E

Discover design like no other with the new Siemens studioLine range. Complementing any kitchen, it is the ultimate choice for those who prize innovation, intelligent technology and style.

20% Discount on all Siemens studioLine Orders Placed 1st January -31st March 2019 delivered by 31st May

iQ700 studioLine 812 mm Induction Hob EX877LYV1E

Siemens flexInduction cooktop is designed for greater flexibility when cooking

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Falmec - A breath of fresh air

As appealing as cooking smells can sometimes be an extractor is required to fulfil building regulations in new builds, extensions and renovations so why not invest in the latest technology from Falmec Twister. At first glance, this may appear an expensive option. However, with no need for ugly or hidden expensive ducting, this beautiful piece of essential kitchen equipment speaks for itself. It’s a multifunctional item which is stylish, aesthetically pleasing and superbly efficient, making it far more desirable than other extraction methods.

The Mare, Twister, Zephiro and Marilyn all use a unique groundbreaking E.ion technology which offers a unique solution to cooking odours by eliminating up to 95%. It also cleans the air by destroying bacteria, spores, allergens and cigarette smoke. A sensor monitors the air quality of the air and when it drops the leaf-shaped sensor turns from green to yellow. Once the air quality has been restored by the appliance the leaf returns to green. Ions have a positive effect on the mind and the body, resulting in improved mood and concentration, thereby improving the quality of life.

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Kitchen Islands vs Peninsular

When is an Island not an island? When it’s a peninsula. If you want an island but just don’t have the space or the shape of a room does not lend its self to an island, because for example, it's long and narrow. A peninsular is probably the answer. Like an Island, it creates important extra space, a place to congregate with family and friends and a focal point.


By attaching the peninsular to a perpendicular wall rather than a row of units and putting no units on one side or above, it appears to float like an Island and creates a very open feel while defining the separate zones in your kitchen living space without the need for a wall. A peninsular also allows the available light to flood the whole space. Access can be from three sides rather than four or more created with an island. However, a modern peninsular is so much more than just a breakfast bar.

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Beau-Port kitchens – Southsea

Our new showroom in Southsea reflects all the upcoming and current kitchen trends. Coastal blues combine with sophisticated and elegant greys featured in both the classical and contemporary kitchens on display. Real wood can add a coastal feel or traditional feel while shelving, pendant lights and worksurfaces can give an industrial feel. Clever use of glass, lighting and flooring creates a chic luxury look.

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