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How We Work

Total Project Management

Exceptional Service Standards

  • Visit The Showroom

    To understand the whole process, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms in Bentworth Nr Alton, Basingstoke or Southsea, where you can experience our full working displays. We will try and demystify the furniture market and present past projects and what you will expect from our service.
    You can then see the furniture, plans, past quotations, drawings, images and finished photographs of each project. We can give you guide prices in relation to past projects in order to understand what a project may cost.

  • Survey & Brief

    We offer an initial FREE of charge consultation in the showroom. If you would like to bring your room measurements and any photos in to the showroom we can discuss the project in detail. To assist you, we will provide a guide to how you need to measure the room. Once you have this information, please call us and book an appointment. We will take a full brief of what you want to achieve and come up with an initial design, based on the brief. Alternatively, if you prefer us to come out and complete a full survey, take a brief in your home. We would charge £200.00, this fee is to only cover our cost. When you commission us to build your kitchen we will deduct this fee off the total cost…

  • Design & Price

    Once we have the dimensions and a full brief, we can commence designing your project. This can take a few days or up to two weeks depending on the size and complexity of your project. Once designed, this enables us to provide a fully transparent estimate for your project. As a guide, our kitchens start from £18,000.00, an average kitchen could cost between £30-£45,000.00 and some projects can go up to £90,000.00 plus. However, all our customers will provide us with a guide budget to work with, so they are in full control of their project costs.

  • Showroom Presentation

    Once we have completed the design and estimate, we will invite you back to the showroom for a presentation of our ideas. Show you the drawings and visuals of your project. Provide you with a full written estimate for you to take away. Plans and images can be released once you have committed to us. Hopefully, by now, you will have seen our design ability and want us to progress your project. When you have decided, you may want us to refine the design and finalise the detail.

  • Refinement

    As you will have seen by this stage, there is a lot of effort and time invested in your project. We would therefore ask you to pay a contribution towards finalising the design, ideas and final estimate. To progress the project, we would charge £800.00 (this is only to cover our time, to produce the final designs), if you have paid a £200.00 survey fee prior to this, we would only charge a further £600.00. Once you have placed an order, we would deduct the above payments off the total cost of the estimate we provided. At this stage, we will release a copy of the plans and images for you to take away and consider.

  • Schedule & Contract

    Now the design refinements and costs have been finalised. We will produce a full contract for you to sign, provide a detailed schedule and confirm the dates. All the scheduled payments are broken down within the contract. We will give you advance notice of when any payments will become due by email or phone, so not to hold up the manufacturing, delivery and installation schedule.

  • Delivery

    The delivery will already be pre-agreed at the contract stage. Deliveries from Germany are always made to the UK, the week before the installation is scheduled. The furniture will be delivered either on the Monday we start or the Friday before. This will be arranged by the logistics department. Handmade furniture made here is usually delivered the Thursday or Friday, the week before. Delivery will always be made by our two-man delivery team and we do not expect you to unload any item. All we ask is you provide, is a clear access to a suitable storage area for the items.

  • Installation

    Installation usually starts week commencing the agreed date upon ordering. Usually we start on a Monday or Tuesday depending on Bank holidays. If we are just finishing off a previous job, we may move the day that week, but we will advise you if this will occur. Likewise, when we are finishing your project off, we may slip in to the next projects week. This would not impact the dates or schedule, as we can often catch up quite easily.

  • Final Sign Off

    We will endeavour to catch all the finishing detail during the process. We will ask you to inspect the project and feedback any concerns along the way. If we have missed anything, we will agree a completion list and ask you to sign this off, once completed. Our aim is to always give complete customer satisfaction and we always ensure that everything is addressed in full.


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