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When is a light not a light? When it also eliminates odour and is an air purifier as well! Mark Johnson, Beau-Port’s head designer discovered an ingenious product - the Falmec Twister when designing a series of new kitchens for a number of clients who didn’t want the usual metal cooker hood.

This stylish product ionises and purifies the air, to give the air the fresh feel that you get being near to nature by waterfalls and by the sea. The system is also designed to increase well-being and ensuring a healthy environment.

The Twister is made from lightweight aluminium and comes in matt black or titanium finish, with a textured ridge exterior. It has an ionising system for air purification, parameter extraction with sound-absorbing panels, touch control plus leaf design sensor, automatic purification function, LED light, combined Carbon Zeo filter which can be regenerated, metallic grease filter, removable and washable and can be either island or wall mounted.

Mark commented on the new air purifications system: “We wanted to find an alternative to the traditional extractor hoods, something more sophisticated and stylish and we were so impressed with what the Falmec extractor systems have to offer. This clever system eliminates odours while purify the air at the same time. It neutralises polluting agents in the air such as bacteria, viruses, dust mites, pollen, spores, various dusts, foul odours, cigarette smoke and fumes. All of this technology is wrapped up in beautiful Italian design using aluminium with a titanium finish, which looks good in both our contemporary design and more traditional Shaker style kitchens.”

“We got very excited about this new way of extracting cooking smells, which most people mistake for a really elegant over island light,” commented Pauline Budd, who recently had her new kitchen designed and installed by Beau-Port. “The Twister is so beautiful yet discreet at the same time and looks so good with our Shaker style kitchen. As an open plan kitchen, living, dining area we didn’t want any stale cooking smells and this really solves that problem. I tested it by cooking lots of onions and my husband couldn’t smell a thing in the living area. It is also an air purifier and works well with the built-in ventilation system in the house.”

Beau-Port also installed another Falmec Twister in a contemporary Rotpunkt kitchen project, where the black matt Twister complemented the colour theme of the kitchen. Their client, Jo Reeves, also wanted something stylish and contemporary to light their central island and to eliminate cooking smells and she commented: “We particularly like the fact that the Twister looks like a big, stylish, contemporary lampshade and it actually echoes the style of our own lampshades in the adjoining living area. We also need something that is non-venting to work with our mechanical heat recovery system in the house and this is very efficient and does a great job, as well as looking good.”

Mark also commented on the more practical reasons for selecting a Twister and said: “The Twister doesn’t need any complicated ducting system and can be placed anywhere. All you need is a solid timber structure behind the plastered ceiling and a power supply. It is the simplest hood to install and the most efficient hood on the market. No ducting, no cooking odours, just simple elegant looks.”

“The Twister is so beautiful yet discreet at the same time and looks so good with our Shaker style kitchen.”

Pauline Budd


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