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Open Plan Kitchen Design Ideas - Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey

Open plan kitchen design ideas is quickly becoming a must have, top of the list requirement when considering a new extension, new build or quick and easy remodelling of a few rooms and plaster board partitions.

We all live at such a fast pace these days and wonder where time goes, linking all the families requirements in to one area means everyone can spend time together in a family environment and still keep up with all the chores, meal time preparation, homework with the children and keeping up with the latest drama on your favourite soap. Not to forget in these times of rising cost of heat and lighting, one room that does everything makes sense. The kids can keep Mum informed on the day at school, while preparing the evening meal.

A friendly family area of open plan living, carefully designing the kitchen and prep area so that it doesn't just look like another kitchen, is firstly the most important consideration. This will allow you to design the linking parts of the wide open space, through to the outdoor patio/decking area, to house all those pot planting ideas you have dreamt about.

Points to consider:

1. First step is make sure you bring your kitchen designer in at the earliest stage, not after you have got the extension permission, but before you even apply. The worst thing to happen would be, you get planning consent for one layout, then talk to your designer and realise the room doesn't quite work. Plan ahead; think how you want to live, incorporate this into the building design, this should eliminate any future problems. Architects design buildings; they don't always have the knowledge on how to make a room work with all the furniture available. So it is worth getting both people involved at the same time, so you can iron out any potential pitfalls in the future. As the saying goes 'two heads are better than one'!

2. Decide on the type of kitchen furniture you want, Modern, Traditional or contemporary.

3. Try and get some ball-park figures based on some existing layouts and designs.

4. Make the decision on your kitchen designer, type of furniture, ball-park figures that are achievable within your budget, then the mix is perfect, but do allow a contingency fund, as what you want and end up with are always different.

Finally, you will save a lot of time and effort and move forward more smoothly. Whereas if you have three of four companies in the mix, you have just multiplied the effort and time by 3 or 4. Talk to your designer and get a feel for whether they understand and have the knowledge to move the project forward and efficiently.

This is how Beau-Port Kitchens work all the time, why not come and see us for an informal chat at our showroom in Bentworth, near Alton, Hampshire, and see how we can help you with your open plan kitchen design ideas.


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