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Rotpunkt Power MX Matt Lacquered Kitchen with Bardolia detail

Lesley B - Surrey

Further Images:

This Rotpunkt design has the longest run of worktops we have ever done. Totally over 6 metres, this length required two full slabs to complete. We created a bookshelf in Rotpunkt's Bardolia Real Oak panelling. The shelves are adjustable in height to allow any size of book to be stored.At the furthest end of the kitchen we used this wall-space to its fullest potential. 5 Tall units fill this space with the centre one used as a display cabinet. The client added internal lighting at a later date.Lesley was after a mix of colour and texture. Down at the far end of the worktop run we used horizontal grain Bardolia Real oak doors for the two, extra-wide 120cm pan-drawer units. The rest of the doors toward the other end were 60cm wide and used the Power MX matt lacquered Stone finish.The grand length of this run of worktops allow a great deal of working space in between the hob and sink and furthest ends. This allows Lesley to cook and prepare multiple things at a time. As a keen chef, this is key. At the entrance to the room we have two extra tall oven housing units with twin, side by side ovens. These are top of the range Bosch appliances which use their meat-probe and advanced cooking programs. The side we created a bespoke shelving unit to be maximise the usually wasted corner space.Further Images:

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Unit 2 & 3, Bellhanger Business Park, Bentworth, Hampshire, GU34 5QZ