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In Frame Shaker Kitchen in Green Blue & Wimborne White

Mr. & Mrs. Courtier - Bentworth, Hampshire

About The Project

Mr. & Mrs Courtiers' room was quite a simple project in that we didn't have to wait on any extensions or major remodelling which more often than not is what is usually link with a kitchen remodel. The room leant itself to the open plan style that we created with the main part of the kitchen at the front and the split areas at the rear backing on to the garden looking over the beautiful Bentworth countryside.

The main kitchen consisted of the main sink run finished in Farrow & Ball "Wimborne White", the island unit with two large drawer packs finished off in "Green Blue" with an oak worktop, matching oak pilasters and the capping units either side of their huge Everhot range. We also created a custom bookshelf unit with cupboard storage at the bottom, oak worktop and oak shelves, as well as a telephone and diary area built into an existing alcove. All of which was finished off in the same Wimborne White and Green Blue kitchen colours.

The Garden end of the room contained the wonderful, bespoke dresser unit that has cupboards at the top and bottom, separated by a custom, horizontal "floating" wine rack and oak worktop with hidden LED lighting strips. The opposite half of the garden end houses another dresser unit with full depth granite worktop and unit with cupboard space above. This unit also has a small utility sink with hot and cold mixer tap and separate filtered water tap, as well as a small wine cooler, perfect for the summer months, relaxing by the pool.

The final part of the project consisted of a long galley style laundry room. This was finished in the same Farrow & Ball wimborne white with top and bottom cupboards and wall units. We also created a custom under counter laundry basket on wheels. This basket sits under the counter and is used for holding dirty laundry until it is washed, a neat idea we think.

About This In-Frame Shaker Kitchen

This Kitchen was from our fully handmade range and features an in-frame 30mm door and front design, construction in solid maple on the doors and fronts of the units and high quality birch veneered plywood on the interior. This makes for a very stable construction and likely to last for many, many years.

All of the draw boxes are solid oak in construction, using the best dovetail joints to hold them all together. Even though the furniture is traditional in construction and design it does use some modern features, such as the soft close runners on all of the drawers and a unique, magnetic soft close mechanism on all of the cupboard doors, which enables the traditional butt hinges to be used.

In the main part of the kitchen the furniture was painted in Farrow & Ball Wimborne White as well as Farrow & Ball Green Blue. At the rear of the kitchen where the dresser and the garden sink units are situated these are also painted in the same F&B Wimborne White.

The worktops in this kitchen are a mix of 40mm oak, on the island unit & the dresser & 30mm granite on the sink, garden sink & range cooker units. The granite used is polished ‘Ivory Fantasy’ and finished off with pencil round edges.

The upstands used are 6mm coloured glass in 'Mushroom'. The sink run has a particularly low window, in order to make the view looking in as good as looking out; the glass backsplash has the same coloured facia attached to the back for that special finish.

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Unit 2 & 3, Bellhanger Business Park, Bentworth, Hampshire, GU34 5QZ