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A Kitchen Is For Life - Not Just For Cooking!

Beau-Port Kitchens and Interiors report on the growing trend for the Super Room - a place where cooking is key, but that also brings together all the other elements of family life, with spaces for dining, relaxing, studying and entertaining.

Since establishing their kitchens and interiors business 13 years ago, Mark and Clare Johnson of Beau-Port Kitchens and Interiors have witnessed the growing trend for combining the traditional separate dining and living rooms with the kitchen.

"Today people want to have one open space that brings together the kitchen and dining area and additional relaxing zones if possible, rather than separate boxed off rooms such as a traditional dining room, which appears to be a thing of the past and was often only used for special occasions and became a waste of space," commented Mark Johnson.

"We have found that our clients are now wanting a more open plan style of living with specific areas for cooking, dining and relaxing - a space that is more social and great for entertaining," continued Mark.

Beau-Port has been working closely with a number of clients who want the flexibility of an open plan living/kitchen/dining area - from those who have average sized homes and have combined existing rooms or added extensions, to clients who already have larger spaces to work with.

One recent Beau-Port client, who already has the benefit of a spacious kitchen with combined dining area leading to a family room, wanted a designer who could face the challenge of creating a kitchen in a space that has five doorways leading into it - including a large set of patio doors.

Kathryn Courtier from Hampshire, is delighted with the design that Mark came up with for her Beau-Port Shaker style kitchen and commented: "We needed drastic help, I could have researched kitchens for the rest of my life, but what I needed was an expert like Mark who helped to guide us and find the best way of laying out a room with so many doors in and out of it and so many walkways through it. The previous kitchen had real 'bottle necks' and Mark cleverly designed the layout to give us more fluid space all the way around the kitchen, with nothing obstructing the walkways through the area into the family room and outside."

In Frame Shaker Kitchen in Green Blue & Wimborne White

"Mark's designer eye can often see solutions to problems that had never occurred to us," continued Kathryn. "We had placed our dining table the same way round as the previous owners - across the patio doors, which meant it not only obstructed the space but also only two people sitting around the large table would have the benefit of the view. Mark simply suggested we switch the table around the other way and that alone has opened up the space, removed a wide obstruction and now most of the people dining at the table can enjoy the view."

In Frame Shaker Kitchen in Green Blue & Wimborne White

Kathryn and her husband Charles wanted a kitchen style that would be in keeping with their house, but still have a contemporary feel to it and she said: "The Shaker style gave us the best of both worlds. I loved the subtle colours of the demo kitchen in Beau-Port's showroom at Bentworth, using two colours and that has helped to define the different areas of our kitchen, yet the balance of colours pulls it all together - as well as having two different work surfaces with granite in areas where it is needed and then the warmth of the oak top on the central island and on the dressers."

Mark also came up with a solution for housing the family's large fridge freezer, rather than leave it freestanding. He designed a unit around it that contains a larder unit, deep drawer for bottles and then another useful area within the dining area of the kitchen with a separate unit with small sink, filtered water tap and a work surface to accommodate the tea, coffee and toast making, as well as a built in wine cooler.

In Frame Shaker Kitchen in Green Blue & Wimborne White

"I am very territorial in the kitchen," commented Kathryn. "Mark's ideas of utilising this corner meant that the main food preparation and cooking areas are left free for me to use without the family and visitors getting in the way!"

Mark's design expertise extended into the Courtier's utility and laundry room, with a highly original solution found for a moveable wooden laundry trolley, clever concealment of their water softening unit and even a 'bedroom' area for the family pets as well as a useful work bench.

"There is so much that I love about my new kitchen," said Kathryn. "The central island works so well, the glass splash backs, floating shelves with under lighting that really create a nice atmosphere in the evenings and the two lovely dresser units designed by Mark with one just by the cooking prep area that conveniently houses my recipe books. Another clever idea of Mark's has opened up the narrow corridor leading into the kitchen by removing an old broom cupboard and making it into a phone booth with our vintage phone."

Having any kind of home improvement work or major change to your home can be stressful and Kathryn commented on the Beau-Port approach: "Mark's problem solving and attention to detail was enormously helpful and his very calm manner meant everything ran so smoothly as he coordinated the whole project, making it seem effortless and Clare and their son Jacob were also so efficient and helpful. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a kitchen than Beau-Port."

For more photos of this project follow this link.

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