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Rotpunkt Cherry Wood Kitchen

Also with Cherry Wood Bar Area

About this Rotpunkt Cherry Wood Kitchen

The Rotpunkt Cherry Wood Kitchen is a modern kitchen you don't often see. It's a wood that is not often requested or some people may find it to dark. But when you do get a chance to use this deep rich coloured wood, you get a unique classic style and feel about a kitchen. The colour and warmth from Cherry is simply beautiful.

About this kitchen Project

The clients (Lisa and John) wanted to match the kitchen furniture to existing furniture they had already bought in USA. So this is how it started, it can be a colour a personal belonging, a room or in this particular project a cherished piece of furniture.

Lisa and John wanted to open up both the kitchen and breakfast room and link them to create a relaxed and fun room that would cater for their children and family who visit regularly from around the world. Getting the workflow right was very important, everything needed to be perfect and make life as easy as possible when cooking and entertaining. Plenty of seating is provided at the breakfast bar and table nearby. The project took some weeks, from the initial knock through, to the extensive wiring and lighting plan that illuminates both rooms, no expense spared in this department. If the lighting is correct, then the whole room ambience is stunning; this was achieved with great success

Materials used for the Rotpunkt Kitchen

Comments from the customer

I send you all this e-mail at the instruction of one of last evening's guests!

As you may know, Thursday was American Thanksgiving. Last year we invited all of the Americans we know to a celebration on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We had 25 guests.

Yesterday, we were 40 people, all enjoying a sit down meal (served buffet). This was the first real test of my new kitchen for such a large group (other than cocktail parties, informal family-family gatherings, etc.). Everyone was "ooh and aah" about its beauty, but the usefulness, layout, and illumination really caught everyone's attention. We shared the cooking, so people were arriving with full turkeys, ham, side dishes, desserts, etc. Every oven and heating appliance was at full capacity, both to cook many of the items, and then to serve everything hot.

The kitchen received rave reviews, and one girlfriend even said, "It's a pity your kitchen designer isn't here to see this." Another friend, U.S. Army and second in command at Bordon on an officer exchange program, said that when he has his dream kitchen, "It will look pretty much like this kitchen." He particularly liked my choice of door handles and the triangular lights. (Those lights are always a hit.) It was the details, he said, that really make it. Another gentleman ran his hand all along the length of the granite, and went around opening the cabinets and drawers to watch them close. I couldn't help thinking just then that our home's value has been greatly enhanced by the choices we made with the kitchen.

I also learned a great deal about how to use the kitchen for large dinner parties last night, and I must say that what few improvements I'll make have to do with which serving dishes need to be near which other ones, etc. There isn't a thing I would do differently about the kitchen itself. The open and inviting nature of it made it easy for teams of friends to pitch in and wash up, load and unload the dishwasher, etc. They commented several times that the items they needed to get out or put away were logically located for their use.

And it wasn't all about me. You should have seen John behind his bar. He had little dishes of nuts, polypins of Triple fff real ale, and multiple bottles of wine and champagne at the ready. Pulling the beverage service out of the main kitchen really helps with flow, particularly with so many guests, and he has his own beautiful domain.

So, I'm following instructions and passing on to all of you the glowing reports and high praise delivered last evening. Many of our guests have been here--and often--over the last few months, but seeing how everything worked so well under pressure took their praise to a new level.

From elegant and functional kitchen design, tasteful and practical lighting enhancement, and immaculate and precise installation and decorating, you gentlemen are the best. I do, and shall continue to, sing your praises and recommend your professional services. All four of us love to entertain, and it's a pleasure and a privilege to do so in our new kitchen facilities.

Thank you."

Lisa L. Hillan

Further Images

Further ImagesFurther ImagesFurther ImagesFurther ImagesFurther ImagesFurther ImagesFurther ImagesFurther Images

Images of Bar Area

These are picture of the Bar area that our designer also did as part of the kitchen install. This incorporates all the designs of the main kicthen into a small bar area.Images of Bar Area

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