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Rotpunkt Zerox Anthracite Metallic & YOU White Kitchen

with Brown Wild Oak worktops and shelves

About this Kitchen:

This is one of my favourite kitchens from the Rotpunkt showroom. This kitchen features quite a special door, it is a Zerox High-Gloss lacquered door in Anthracite Metallic. The metallic part are the subtle sparkles that are within the lacquer. This creates an amazing look when the sun shines on it but it isnít overpowering, so in low-light situations itís less noticeable.

Partnered with this door and panel is the White High-Gloss Lacquered doors and Brown Wild Oak worktops and panels. The White High-Gloss doors use a built in handle design called YOU. This is, as you can imagine, a Ďuí shaped channel in the top front edge of the door.

The warmer side of this kitchen comes from the Brown Wild Oak worktops and panels. The detail in the oak grain is quite amazing and the texture that is overlaid to provide a real wood feel is really what sets Rotpunkt apart from other German furnitureís.

Another great feature is the use of Rotpunktís new in-unit lighting system. This is found in the new wall units in the form of a bottom glass shelf that radiates warm LED light into the unit as well as out underneath. A brilliant design that is also coupled with their soft close upward opening wall units.

Further Images

Here you can see the overall look of this kitchen. The Anthracite Metal panels and doors, White panels and doors as well as the Brown Wild Oak worktops and block end panels.One of the feature we love about this kitchen is the Plinthless island unit, it has a slightly lower height and is surrounded by the sparkly Anthracite Metallic High-Gloss panels. The contrast between the Anthracite and Brown Wild Oak on the nook and worktop adds a real warmth.These are the new soft close upward opening hinges. A great addition as the old style non soft close did always close with a bit of a snap and these take that completely away.Here you can see the subtle sparkle in the Anthracite Metallic panels.The construction of the drawers are very high, able to crayy huge weight as well as looking great at the same time.Handleless aluminium profile runs the length of the drawer door.

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Unit 2 & 3, Bellhanger Business Park, Bentworth, Hampshire, GU34 5QZ