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Pull-Out Spray Taps

Pull-Out Spray Taps. In this section we have all the Pull out Spray taps we sell. We also have pull out nozzle taps which will have more of a normal shape to the tap where as spray taps will have a larger spray head and normally have a two stage function, i.e. spray or normal tap stream.

Featured in this section is the largest pull out spray tap we sell, the Franke Swiss Pro tap. This tap is made from solid stainless steel, which will be more resistive to stains or corrosive cleaning products (we still don't recommend to use harsh cleaning products on any Franke product). The Swiss Pro is a huge 698mm high with a reach of 267mm. The spray can be detached from the guide and moved about and extended for greater cleaning control. Also featured in this section is the Franke Belfast tap, this traditional tap is at the other end from the Swiss Pro, in that it's pull out nozzle is very subtle and only has a small amount protruding from the end of the spout. This tap is designed with a much smaller spray to hold but is ideal if you want that traditional look with out a large obvious pullout nozzle.

All the taps come with a 5-year warranty on the valves and 1 year on the finishes and coatings. If the tap is part of the Portfolio 55 range the finishes and coating warranty is extended to 5-years for that extra piece of mind. The taps also come with all the fitting, clamps and tails (either flexi or fixed copper, depending on model) that you will need to fit your tap.

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Franke Aria pull out tap

Franke Aria pull out tapAvailable in Chrome or SilkSteel

In stock

332.93 (Including VAT at 20%)

Franke Belfast Tap with Pull Out Nozzle

Franke Belfast Tap with Pull Out Nozzle

In stock

273.36 (Including VAT at 20%)

Franke Fuji Pull-out nozzle tap

Franke Fuji Pull-out nozzle tap

In stock

250.53 (Including VAT at 20%)

Franke Olympus Spring tap in Chrome

Franke Olympus Spring tap in ChromeNEW Portfolio 55 tap

In stock

307.27 (Including VAT at 20%)

Franke Rolux tap with Pull-out Nozzle

Franke Rolux tap with Pull-out NozzleIn Chrome or Black

In stock

680.60 (Including VAT at 20%)

Franke Swiss Pro Solid Stainless Steel tap with Pull-out Spray

Franke Swiss Pro Solid Stainless Steel tap with Pull-out SpraySolid Stainless Steel

In stock

521.90 (Including VAT at 20%)

Useful tips...

  • Pull-Out Taps - These taps can be fitted to nearly all sinks as there cut out is usually the standard 35mm, obviously check before buying as one or two do have a slightly larger shank to them. Another thing to look out for on Pull-out taps is water pressure. Most pull out taps have a lower flow rate than a standard monoblock tap. This means that people with low water pressure from either the mains feed or the hot water tank may find that a pull out tap is not suitable for your situation. It is best in this situation to consult your plumber. For most people with a good cold feed pressure and a header tank at least 4m away/above them will find that a pull out tap will be fine.

  • Tap Brace - When fitting monoblock taps to stainless steel inset sinks you can find that when operating the levers or handles the tap will cause the sink to flex. This is normal because inset sinks are metal and it will flex. Franke have developed a Tap Brace that fixes to the base of the tap underneath the sink and then to your worktop buy either screws for wooden or laminate worktops or a sticky pad for granite and composite worktops. By clamping or bracing the tap to the worktop this eliminates the majority of the flex and will stop any warping to the metal.

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