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Neptune Chichester Painted Kitchens

Finished in Old Chalk

About the Concept

The Concept behind the Chichester kitchen was to produce a kitchen of the highest standard, at a fantastic price that is simple to fit. Neptune have matched the Chichester kitchen to their existing free standing furniture which enables you to create a truly bespoke kitchen style.

About the Design

Neptune has incorporated a number of unique and innovative features; each cabinet is constructed with a fully framed face, where the doors and drawers are set into the cabinet frame. This is the traditional and best way to make a cabinet. They also wanted each cabinet to have its framework running all the way to the floor in the way that only the best cabinets do. Where each cabinet meets the floor Neptune have a skirting board that is either removable for the most freestanding look, or it can be recessed back to give a strong shadow, yet preventing dirt from disappearing into the void, or it can also simply be just set behind the frame for a more sealed appearance.

Immediately behind each frame the cabinet is cut away from the floor in order to make it easy as possible to adjust cabinets for uneven floors. With this cut away profile it means that the minimum amount of work is required to adjust the front legs to scribe them in perfectly to an uneven floor. At the back of each cabinet we have incorporated a set of superb stainless steel legs, which will never fail and are easily adjusted for level. Once the legs are adjusted they can be secured to the ground to lock each cabinet in place.

At the back of each cabinet there is a void of 40mm, which can be increased up to 70mm by removing part or all of the sacrificial ears. On the top of each cabinet are pair of stainless steel adjustable brackets that allow you to secure each cabinet to the wall. On each side of each piece Neptune have included a 12mm overlap that allows cabinets to be staggered in their layout. This gives the possibility of setting a featured item forward in a run as well as providing minor adjustment in how much space each run takes. It also allows for scribing in units to uneven walls.

Further Kitchen Images

Further Kitchen ImagesFurther Kitchen ImagesFurther Kitchen ImagesFurther Kitchen ImagesFurther Kitchen ImagesFurther Kitchen ImagesFurther Kitchen ImagesFurther Kitchen ImagesFurther Kitchen ImagesFurther Kitchen Images

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Unit 2 & 3, Bellhanger Business Park, Bentworth, Hampshire, GU34 5QZ