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How to fit an Undermount Sink

Methods of fitting undermount sinks

There are many ways of mounting undermount sinks, most of the Franke undermount kitchen sinks we sell come with mounting clips, and these are usually routed into your worktop and clamp the sink down. This is a reasonable way of an undermount sink with out having to take out units.

Stainless Steel Undermount Guide

If you are renewing your kitchen there are a couple of other methods of fitting an undermount sink. The First method of fitting is recommended by Franke. They suggest you create a template out of a sheet of ply board, this would involve cutting the board to the shape of your unit then cutting a sink hole either using the undermount sink as a template, or if one was provided, a paper template. This would enable you to sandwich the sink between the sheet and your worktop by inserting the sink into the hole so its flanges sit on the ply board.

A good idea would be to route the sink into the ply by the same thickness of the sink metal. This would enable it to sit flush and be properly sealed to the underside of your worktop. The above two suggestions only apply to Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sinks. If you where fitting a granite or ceramic sink you would have to use a thick material, to compensate for the thicker sink flange but the same principals apply.

Another way of fitting undermount sinks, which we do when fitting kitchens we have designed, is creating a frame work at the top of your base unit out of wooden batons, similar to a noughts and crosses grid. Then, we route the template of the sink flanges into the batons in the middle square where the undermount sink will hang. This enables you to sit the sink in the frame then just fit your worktop over the top. You will need to silicon around the edges to avoid water ingress.

Solid Surfaces and Undermount Sinks

When it comes to the work-surfaces that undermount sinks can be installed in you can only use solid wood or granite/engineered stone work-surfaces. When templating for your chosen solid surface you will need to choose the method of mounting for your chosen undermount sink. The first method of undermount is ‘Flush mounting’; this is where the edge of your work-surface is in line with the vertical sides of the sink. The next method of mounting is called ‘reveal’, this means a portion of the rim of the sink is exposed meaning the worktop is set slightly back from the rim. The last is called ‘overhung’, as the name describes it overhangs the edge of the sink.

Granite Worktop with Undermount sink

The under-mounting method you choose will also depend on if your sink comes with any accessories like chopping boards or strainer bowls, as most of the Franke Accessories are designed sit on the top rim of the sink bowl.

This will mean that you will have to choose a reveal or flush mounted edge. If you choose reveal you will need to make sure there is enough room for the accessory to slot between the work top edges when sitting in the sink bowl. With things like chopping board accessories this is more difficult. The best option to choose is just a plain flush edge, and then the accessory will fit on the edge of your worktop.

If you're having new worktops and replacing your sink with an undermount it is good practice to always have the sink and accessory before templating, this will enable the worktop templater to take into consideration any accessories you are having with your sink.

If you require any further information on this subject you can contact us via our telephone number or message us here.

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