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Frequently Asked Questions - Sinks

General Sink Frequently Asked Questions

Are all sinks available in left and right hand format?

All Franke sinks are available as right-hand or left-hand drainer - where a sink is only available in one format this is always specified on the product information on our website. Reversible sinks automatically offer that choice.

Are Plumbing Kits included?

Generally you will need to purchase a McAlpine SSK1, 2 or 3 plumbing kit (Depending on the number of sink bowls) when ordering your sink online but some of the sink and tap packs include this in the price, but it will say in the product details.

Can I fit a Waste Disposal Unit to my sink?

Yes. Any sink that has a 31/2 inch waste (90mm) is capable of having a waste disposal unit connected. For ceramic sinks you are advised to contact the WDU manufacturer regarding special fittings.

How do I clean the overflow?

Most Franke sinks have rigid overflow pipes and can be cleaned by pouring boiling water into them. Alternatively use a proprietary cleaner.

How do I apply earthing to my Franke sink?

Despite any regulatory enforcement in common with many sink manufacturers, Franke have taken it upon themselves to make provision for a mechanical bond to be made to inset sink models. This is often done by utilising one of the cutout points for the clips along the length of the clip rail. In the case of sliding clips (e.g. Swiss Edge Profile Sinks), Franke make a hole at the end of the clip rail length where the bond can be accommodated.

What is the warranty on Franke sinks?

Franke sinks come with a 50 year against manufacturing defects.

Where can I see a colour sample of a sink?

Most of the Franke sinks we have online will have an image of a colour sample, if you wish to see a sample in the flesh you can come see one at our showroom in Hampshire, or alternatively you can contact Franke Customer services and request a sample.

Stainless Steel Sink Frequently Asked Questions

Can you stop stainless steel from scratching?

No. Stainless Steel will always scratch (whether it be of Franke's manufacture or a competitor) and because of the directional polishing marks on many Franke models (and competitors) the scratching will show up quite dramatically initially. However, with use and cleaning (using a proprietary cleaner like Shiny Sinks) the stainless steel will eventually build up a patina over the years and the scratching marks will not be as evident.

How can I remove 'Rust Spots' from my new stainless steel sink?

As the world's largest stainless steel manufacturers, Franke are extremely stringent in the quality and standards required from the steel suppliers. The material used is high quality chrome nickel steel, which is metallurgically incapable of rusting or corroding in normal household conditions.

It can, however, harbour ferrous (Iron or Iron based) particles from the water supply and these often occur with new installations when the pipe work is disturbed. These filings get deposited and cling to the sink surface and unless removed will rust.

In this instance we would request that the sink is cleaned thoroughly with Bar Keepers Friend, which should be sprinkled onto the sink and scrubbed into a paste with a stiff nylon nail brush (i.e. not a cloth or washing up brush) before thoroughly rinsing off and drying the sink. We would point out that unless the particles are completely removed they would return. It is therefore very important that after cleaning the sink, it is dried thoroughly. This process needs to continue until the problem disappears.

We would also recommend the use of a product such as 'Shiny Sinks' after each application of Bar Keepers Friend. The problem is sometimes particularly obstinate to remove and it may take several attempts to restore the sink to its pristine condition.

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New Products

  1. Franke Centinox CEX210 Mobile Drainer 61.20 (Including VAT at 20%)
  2. Franke Centinox CEX 210 Stainless Steel sink & Olympus Spring chrome tap 633.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
  3. Franke Verona tap 186.62 (Including VAT at 20%)
  4. Franke Venician tap 188.35 (Including VAT at 20%)
  5. Franke Vecchio tap 196.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
  6. Franke Rialto tap 233.28 (Including VAT at 20%)
  7. Franke Olympus Spring tap in Chrome 206.41 (Including VAT at 20%)
  8. Franke Pisa tap 285.78 (Including VAT at 20%)
  9. Franke Centinox Pull-out Nozzle Tap 359.42 (Including VAT at 20%)
  10. Franke Centinox tap 345.60 (Including VAT at 20%)

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